Reborn (Bound Gods #4) by Adrienne Wilder #mm #review @Adrienne_Wilder


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Leo promised to keep Aaron and Kaleb forever. Yet he’s left them with nothing more than a note with instructions to obey the commands of another god? A god who has the key to Kaleb’s collar. A god who will tell them nothing about what’s happened to Leo or where he’s gone.

Kaleb and Aaron both fear the worst. That Leo has not abandoned them, but left them because he won’t be coming back. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t.

Too many have died and the god-son is growing stronger. With no way for any god to track it, Leo has only one choice left. Fight fire with fire.

Or in this case Chimera against Chimera.

The problem is Leo has always maintained control of the beast within him. Using its natural senses to do what no other can. In order to stand a chance at tracking and killing the god-son Leo must give the Chimera within complete control.

And the Chimera might not let him return if he does. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

Wow, did this series leave a lasting impression on me.  Before I go on, let me stress, you MUST read all of the books from this series in order and trust me you will want to do it back to back.  The wait for book 4 about drove me crazy.

The author has given us an epic experience with Leo, Aaron and Kaleb.  Some of the plot directions have been questioned by readers, but I have loved every minute. Finishing the last page in book three left me wanting to find the author and beg for the next book right then. During the wait though, I kept  wondering what was going to happen to Aaron, could Leo save his doxies and who or what is this god son that is killing doxies, plus could Leo kill him?

Leo goes on the mission to find it, leaving Kaleb and Aaron in the hands of another God with no explanation given.  The misunderstanding sends the doxies into a tail spin because they trusted their God’s promise to never leave them, but yet he is gone.  What follows next can only be described as INTENSE, with moments that caused me to gasp out loud, other times I fought the tears but what was constant was the heart racing scenes where I was mentally begging for the worst not to happen.

Page after page was full of such detailed descriptions, it was impossible for me not to have the visuals of what was going on play out in my mind like a movie.  There were times I wanted to shut the images off because I feared where this plot was going and I wasn’t sure I was prepared to deal with the outcome.  We got answers to our questions regarding what was threatening the doxies, what was Aaron’s future and could the three of them be happy BUT we also were left with an ending that could keep the door open for more to come with this plot.  I can only hope, pray and be willing to beg that the author will give us more because I am not ready to let go of these characters.

I am a fan of this author’s work, there is promised a message in each book.  What I learned from this whole series is the power of loving and accepting there is value each person.  Aaron knew his role in life as a doxie, Kaleb struggled to find his purpose.  Leo realized he had to shed the mask of power and allow others to feel the love he was capable of giving while accepting his conception isn’t a mark against him when it comes to what he has to offer.  After reading a book by this author I always walk away feeling like I have been emotionally revived in some way and that is just one of the many reasons I will be watching for more to come.


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