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Edge of Control

Riordan is a ruthless warrior whose foes tremble before him in his drowned and ruined world. The last thing he wants to do is go undercover as a weakling to spy on his clan’s enemies. Much less with Eiryn – a fierce warrior in her own right and the only woman Riordan’s never been able to forget. He knows that a single touch will throw them straight back into that same old uncontrollable fire. But this time, he might just let them burn.

Eiryn has been betrayed too many times. An escape into a dangerous mission where she can pretend to be the soft, biddable female she’s not seems like the perfect solution. She’s sure she can control the fiery passion that simmers between her and Riordan, the man she’s spent years pretending to hate. After all, the unquenchable lust that flares between them now is all for show… isn’t it?

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Edge of Control was an exhilarating continuation of The Edge series. Before you read any farther, if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, then don’t read my review. This is a series the must be read in order to understand the ongoing story arc and my review will contain references that are spoilers for the earlier books. If you’re a fan of sci-fi erotica with a D/s bent, then I suspect you’ll enjoy this series and won’t want to ruin the experience.


About a month has passed since the end of Edge of Temptation, and Eiryn is still reeling from Gunnar’s revelation that Tyr crippled the former Raider King, her father, at her brother Wulf’s command when he defeated their father and assumed control of the Raiders. She feels betrayed and is unable to let go of her anger towards Tyr and has heaped on anger towards her brother for the order, as well as herself for not admitting the truth to herself. Not surprisingly, this has interfered with her ability to perform her duties as the king’s bodyguard, which is why we find her fleeing an explosion alone rather than protecting her brother. When the info they obtain from the failed raid points them in Bishop Seph’s direction, Eiryn sees it as her chance to get some space from brother, from her king, from the Raiders, and from everything that is suffocating her – except for Riordan. But going “undercover” as a compliant couple on their way to the Great Lake Cathedral City for the September equinox celebrations may be more than Eiryn bargained for because as a brother, she has not a single compliant bone in her body – especially when she has murder in her eyes (lol). Yet as Eiryn both bristles under the restrictions of being a compliant female and finds freedom in it, she and Riordan uncover a plot against Wulf that stuns them and threatens their way of life, sending them on what amounts to a suicide mission as they are forced to return to the Raider island in the middle of winter – the deadliest time to be on the water.


There were so many things about Edge of Control that I loved. I loved that Eiryn developed a healthier respect for Helena, Maud, and the camp girls who hailed from the mainland, as she saw what they endured, how they had to hold themselves in check, and just cunning they had to be to survive the male dominated world they lived in. I loved that Eiryn underwent a major shift in her perception of the world and her place in it, yet comes out of the ordeal stronger for it. We finally find out what was behind the animosity Eiryn held for Riordan and what went down between them. Yet Eiryn wasn’t the only one who came to terms with inner demons while on the mission, and we learn quite a bit about Riordan as he reconciled events from his past with the possible future he saw in front of him. I loved that Crane was able to keep the elevated levels of action and intrigue that I’ve come to expect and enjoy in this series, and it made for one heck of an ending. And I absolutely love that there is more to come from this series and the next book’s title, Edge of Power, makes me believe that my wish for the next book to be about Wulf, will probably be granted.


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