Annihilation (Chronicles of the Uprising Book 6) by K.A. Salidas #mf #review @QuixoticKatie


Death is the easy way out.
Still clinging rabidly to power, the Elites spin lies of prejudice and hatred, stoking the flames of war.
The sole driving force toward peace, Mira, had sacrificed everything. But her strength alone was not enough.
It will take the strength of many to finish what she started. As the world lurches toward war, each party has much to lose. Human. Vampire. Otherkin. The only outcomes are peace… or death.

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At the beginning of this book it is pure heartbreaking sorrow.  Mira is so close to true death that after all she has been through it seems almost cruel to bring her back, yet to lose her is to lose Stryker her mate.  But she is so broken in her mind that she doesn’t know who the people are that surround her.  As they all fight for her sanity, all she sees is the torture that she was put through. It will take time and dedication to work through and try to get Mira back.  The one thing that Mira even in her fractured state is to stop the fighting.  No more blood, no more forced battles.

I am almost sad that this is the end of this series.  I feel like I am losing a friend.  This is a fabulous end to a wonderful series.  That is not to say I was not in tears, and then wanting to slap some of the characters but then I have wanted to do that often.  The end came and tied up most of the loose ends. Yet did leave enough for a different series if author Salidas so desires.


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