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Wrongs Made Right


Corbin’s Bend is perfect for Marilyn and Lizzy Mayfield. They’re surrounded by friends and peace. Except for when Calbert Jolly comes around. From the moment they met, Lizzy and Calbert had fought with one another. Usually able to get along with anyone, no matter how contrary, Calbert is a thorn in Lizzy’s side.

When she’s asked to manage a committee Calbert’s in charge of, sparks fly. It’s up to her wife Marilyn and his wife Jenna to bring the two together. One dinner. Two intense adversaries. By the end of the night, they will either be on working terms, or have killed one another.

When all’s said and done, sometimes wrongs can turn out all right on their own, and sometimes they have to be righted.

Corbin’s Bend Vignettes are shorter stories, chronicling the lives of secondary characters we don’t see as much of. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Wrongs Made Right was a nice little journey back to Corbin’s Bend for me. I really do miss that place and all of its residents. I loved that we got to see how Lizzy and Marilyn met and how they came to be residents of Corbin’s Bend. While I enjoyed the novelette, I must admit that I was a bit taken aback by Calbert’s behavior toward Lizzy. As he’s an HoH, I was surprised by what seemed to be rather childish behavior on his part. Initially, I thought that perhaps Lizzy was just overreacting, but his antagonistic comments during their meeting and later during the dinner really had me going… just like they did Lizzy. And while I eventually understood why he was doing what he was doing, I was a bit perturbed on Lizzy’s behalf about it because Marilyn had disciplined her in the past for her behavior toward him. But, we all have to deal with people who push our buttons on a daily basis, so even though Calbert annoyed me, I enjoyed watching them snipe at one another and laughed upon learning that Lizzy can certainly serve up one heck of an insult.


Now, I did have an issue with Lizzy and Marilyn’s intimate moment. It’s a completely person issue and has nothing to do with the writing, the fact that it’s two women, or the scene itself. And I suspect that anyone who reads this review and my so-called complaint will most likely laugh at my predicament, but here it is. Just as the ladies are getting hot and heavy, a reference is made to Marilyn’s age while Lizzy is playing with her partner’s hair – Long and thick, lustrous even at the age of sixty-one, just like the woman it belonged too. Unfortunately, my mother is sixty-one and that age reference made me think of my mother, which is the last person I want to be thinking about when reading a sex scene. Laugh at me all you will, but that was equivalent to having a glass of ice water thrown on me so I have no comments on the heat level between Lizzy and Marilyn. Other than that, I enjoyed the heck out of Wrongs Made Right and getting to revisit my favorite spanko community.


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  • Thianna D

    LOL. Thanks, Angela! Your comment on the sex scene made me laugh. Yeah, that would be a splash of cold water right there. 🙂

    Calbert is definitely an interesting character. So many facets to the curmudgeon.

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