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I Knew You Were Trouble


Faith Mendes needs to get her life in order and get a job–yesterday. Thankfully, the live-in house-keeper position at the King brothers’ ranch is up for grabs. Problem is, she’d be working with her old childhood crush, Nate King. He’s sexy, wealthy, and his Texas-sized charms are legendary…and, clearly, impossible to resist.

Nate never thought twice about his best friend’s little sister. Back then, Faith was off-limits. But now that she’s all grown up, Nate’s whole world has turned upside-down. Razor-sharp, down-to-earth, and hotter-than-heck, Faith is everything Nate has ever dreamed of in a woman…and maybe even in a wife. But Faith has loved and lost enough already to risk it all on another known bad-boy. How can Nate convince her that he is the real deal–and that he’s ready to rein it in and never look back?

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I read I Knew You Were Trouble as a standalone and had no problem doing so. I won’t say that I didn’t miss out on the history between the brothers and Sam (Faith’s brother), but anything I may have missed out on wasn’t noticeable as this book read like a standalone that focused on Nate and Faith. I will say that I now have a hankering to read the previous books in the series and am fortunate enough the I happened to win paperback copies of them recently, so “YAY!” because I’m quite interested in reading the younger brothers’ stories.


Nate is the oldest of the King brothers and the one who has been chosen to run their grandfather’s company – which he is already doing, but as long as their grandfather is still alive, the brothers still consider the company his. Because of something that happened in his past (which you’ll have to read the book to discover what it was), Nate is intent on remaining a bachelor. Both of his brothers are now married and making babies, so Nate feels no need to produce an heir to take over the company and, instead, is focusing on building the family business so that his nieces and nephews have a legacy to inherit. Not surprisingly, Nate has developed a love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation, even though he’s upfront with women that he’s not looking for anything long-term, too many ladies have gotten their hearts broken because they convinced themselves they would be the one to tame Nathaniel King. Enter Faith Mendes, the one woman Nate has sworn to keep his hands off of is the one woman who might be able to tame him, simply by not trying to. Faith is no more interested in a long-term relationship than Nate is, but she is interested in a safe place to live, a job, and lessons in bedroom gymnastics. While Nate knows that taking Faith in is a temptation he’ll be hard-pressed to resist, his alpha male tendencies won’t allow him to turn her away. He just hopes his promise to her brother and the potential destruction of their decades long relationship will be enough to keep him on the straight and narrow. Obviously it doesn’t, otherwise we wouldn’t have a story, but Lane does a great job of making the transition from friends to lovers to more believable as the untamable is tamed and then has to prove he wants more without wanting too much.


I thoroughly enjoyed I Knew You Were Trouble. Both Nate and Faith have baggage that makes their avoidance of relationships understandable. The addition of the “Don’t touch my sister” edict laid down by Sam adds another layer of realism and explains why Faith has no idea that Nate harbored an attraction for her – and vice versa as Nate had kept Faith at arm’s length to avoid temptation, so he had no idea that she was attracted to him. This makes their arrangement believable and the ultimate path it takes credible, and entertaining, and hot. I liked seeing Nate’s close relationship with his brothers and their families, and I suspect that fans of the series will enjoy catching up with Ryder and Chase. Although I Knew You Were Trouble is the final book in the Texas Kings series, I can’t wait to go back and read the books one and two because I am hooked on the King brothers.


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