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Just one taste isn’t enough…

I ran into Rex Keene—literally—when I was trying to catch my flight and his muscled, tattooed arms stopped my fall.
Then our flight gets canceled, and we’re stranded in the same hotel room together…it ended up being the steamiest night of my life.
All I knew is that I had to see him again.

I just didn’t expect him to show up a week later in the restaurant I manage…as our new head chef.
But the generous, tender man I spent that night with is gone; instead he’s arrogant, demanding, and terrorizing the staff.
But he won’t give up until we’re together – and I’m not sure I can stay away.
Which man is real?
Who is Rex Keene?

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When Meat came up for review, I kid you not, my first response was “Oh, my god, yes! I am so overdue for some Carew smut.” I sincerely hope that if the author happens upon my review that she takes that as the compliment it’s meant to be. I love romances that are character driven. I love stories that rip my heart out. I love romances that give me the feels. But every now and then, I need a good dose of smutty romance, and no one does it better than Opal Carew. In a genre flooded with badly written and poorly edited stories that are more porn than erotica, Carew delivers well-written tales of hedonistic pleasure that are unabashedly sexual and would probably occur more often in reality rather than fantasy if we lived in a perfect world (i.e., disease free).


Rebecca is running through the airport, trying to make her connecting flight, when she quite literally runs into Rex. In true Carew hero fashion, Rex saves Rebecca from falling, helps her determine her flight is delayed (so she can stop rushing), and sees her on her way – wishing he had an excuse to spend more time with her. Fortunately for them both, Mother Nature and overbooked hotels finds them sharing a room for the night. Because Rebecca is still reeling from the death of her aunt, she’s a bit vulnerable and finds comfort in Rex’s arms. Not surprisingly, one thing leads to another and she soon learns that “hung like a horse” isn’t just a saying. LOL. Never one to back down from a challenge, she scales that mountain and reaps the rewards – repeatedly. As they’re both headed to Minneapolis – Rebecca going home and Rex for an extended business deal – they agree to get together in a week or two, once they’re both into the swing of things. When Rebecca returns to work a week later, she learns that much has changed in the month she’s been gone and the new chef – dubbed T-Rex by the staff who haven’t been fired – has upset the balance of her work family. Her world is thrown further off-balance when he walks in the door and she discovers that T-Rex is her Rex, the man from the airport, the lover she was looking forward to getting to know better, the “future” she now sees crumbling. But she quickly discovers that her disappointment is only the tip of the iceberg when she’s clued into the fact that Rex is hiding things from her and he might not be the only one in her life lying to her.


While Meat absolutely delivered on the sexy fun times, Carew included a nice dose of angst, intrigue, and romance that enriched the story even more. The back and forth between Rebecca and Rex that occurs after she discovers that kind man she met in the airport is the new tyrant of the kitchen is understandable. She connected with one version of the man during their night of passion and it conflicts with the man she is now working with. Trying to reconcile that, believing that she cannot be with the man who has destroyed her work family in her absence, all while fighting her heart and body’s pull toward him, makes Rebecca’s hot and cold responses believable. The author also adds a light bit of intrigue that won’t be hard for the reader to suss out as it’s not intended to be a major romantic suspense angle, but rather to show what kind of person Rebecca is. Of course, this adds to the believability of the developing romance because Rebecca’s loyalty and trusting nature appeals to the alpha dom inside of Rex. Once again, Carew has delivered a super sexy erotic romance that reminds me why I turn to her books when I’m in the mood for hedonistically pleasurable reading – she consistently delivers and this time left me with a hankering for a big, juicy piece of Meat!


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One thought on “Meat by Opal Carew #mf #review @OpalCarew

  • Opal Carew

    Hi! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I did take your initial reaction as a compliment! 🙂 I love it when people have a happy, light-hearted attitude about my books.

    Thank you so much for all your kind words about MEAT. When my editor suggested the title, I wasn’t so sure, but then I jumped in and had fun with it.

    As you said, there was angst, too. I wrote MEAT not long after I lost my sister and working something similar into the plot for Rebecca to deal with helped me with my own journey. Family is so important at a time like that and so Rebecca being concerned and protective about her work family just made sense to me to write at that time. (For anyone who hasn’t read MEAT, don’t think from my comments that this is a heavy story. It’s a fun story about love and protecting those you care about… and a lot of sizzling hot sex.)

    All my best,

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