Terror by Moonlight (Critter Catchers #1) by Hank Edwards #mm #review @hanksbooks

Terror by Moonlight

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Cody Bower and Demetrius Singleton have been friends for over twenty years even though they are polar opposites. Cody is tall, handsome, athletic, and straight, and Demetrius is average height, more of a thinker, and gay. They have started an animal control business together and have to figure out how to be business partners without letting it affect their friendship, but that’s the least of their problems. When one of their first clients ends up brutally murdered in what appears to be an animal attack, the two realize something big and dangerous is stalking their tiny town of Parson’s Hollow, and it’s up to them to catch it before it kills again.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

So, I have to say I wasn’t in love with this.  I can’t put my finger on the exact issue, it wasn’t ‘slap stick comedy’ because it wasn’t that funny, wasn’t spoof horror gone wrong because, same thing, it really wasn’t written that way either. Somewhere in the middle I guess.

You’ve these two best friends, one has this total crush on the other, while the other is ‘straight’ but is developing feelings for the friend. Is noticing him in a different light. This is part of the under current, the other part, is Cody (the straight friend) is a man child, and is pretty annoying throughout the book, and where Demetrius is not only the ‘critter whisper’ but has to deal with Cody, and keep the business afloat.

The interaction between Cody and Dem seems to work, surprisingly enough and when they go on hunts, it’s entertaining. The end result, of the stalker/killer was a nice twist, but overall no lasting impressions.


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