Revolution (Chronicles of the Uprising Book 3) by K.A. Salidas #mf #review @QuixoticKatie


Peace is an illusion. Blood, violence, and death follow Mira like shadows.
Battle lines have been drawn between human and Otherkin, and a bloody war is on the horizon: one that will end in either a shift in the world’s balance of power…or ultimate destruction.
In spite of their strength, powers, and a rage known only by the oppressed, the Otherkin are evenly matched by the superior numbers of the human army. To tip the balance in their favor, the Otherkin need more soldiers – and their only options are the Gladiators of New Haven city.
Mira is sent across enemy lines to recruit any able-bodied vampires to her cause. But what she discovers along the way will blur the lines between friends and enemies. Seeds of doubt weaken Mira’s allegiance, and she finds herself torn between the old masters who used her as entertainment and the new ones who consider her as nothing more than a weapon.
As the war draws near, Mira will have to decide what she is truly fighting for.

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Mira just wants the fighting to end, yet here she is again getting ready to go back in to battle.  An almost helpless sensation will take over if she lets it.  It seems fate is not ready to let her rest just yet.

Stryker and his pack, round out the force on this mission.  Stryker is struggling with his instincts, he is a strong alpha, watching another male gate close to what he wants.

Mira and the rest are lied to, double crossed, and attacked by their supposed allies.  Mira is hurt but not overly surprised, she learned a long time ago to trust in herself.  Mira steps up with Stryker by her side and they do what they have to.

The continuation of Mira’s story, she is the strongest person, vampire, that I have read about lately.  What is really surprising is that through all the abuse, torture and forced battle she still has compassion.  She doesn’t want to fight any more but she will defend the people who she respects and thinks of as family.  This book starts slow which really surprised me. But once it got going the action was steady and the book flowed nicely.   I would recommend this book if you like fantasy and action, but I would start with the first book and following the series.

4 stars

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