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To Seduce an Omega

The Rock Prowler alpha condemns Viola for her inability to shift. Forced into poverty and isolation, she ekes out a meager existence as a healer. As the pack omega with a crippled knee, she’s forbidden to mate. Her first heat beckons, but no wolf will dare to bed her.

Titus, a wolf rejected by his true mate, overflows with violence and anger. The Lykae King sends him to take over the Rock Prowler pack. He condemns Viola for wanting payment before she treats her patients and threatens to bring in a new pack healer. With her crippled knee and no other income, she’d starve.

She-wolves from families who disagree with the alpha have vanished. When Titus investigates, the alpha’s allies imprison both him and Viola. To escape, he must seduce Viola–the she-wolf he insulted and reviled. If that’s not bad enough, she despises him for his seeming allegiance to the alpha. As he gets to know her, she steals his heart, but after all that’s happened, how can she accept him when even his fated mate refused him?

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After waiting over a century to save his true-mate, he is rejected.  He survives but has no will to go on.

Viola is barely able to make enough to live.  After a brutal beating ordered by her alpha father.

This is book four in the series, and though it can be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading them in sequence.

I really like this series a beautiful healer that has been horribly abused she limps and does the best she can as the alpha hurts anyone in the pack who helps her.  How do you explain or even understand when said alpha loved and played with her until she was six and she called him daddy?  In walks a gorgeous Lykae male who makes her wish for things she has never wanted before, yet he is cold and hateful.   Mates you never know when you may meet yours.  But two in a lifetime?

The more I read of this author and this series the more I like it. It is imaginative and has great characters.  The storyline flows smoothly with enough twist to make you smile or sad depending where you are.  It will grab you from page one and not let you go.  This is a book you will keep in your library for a reread when you want a quick fun story to make you smile.

4 stars

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