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Murder Most Yowl

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Cat-sitting is a dangerous business.

Cameron Sherwood turned his back on law enforcement the night his investigation led to the death of an innocent gay man. Now Cam spends his time running a business that caters to his favorite animal, cats. But when Cam stumbles upon the body of a friend while feeding her feline, he can’t walk away. Dealing with a sexy yet stubborn sheriff, a matchmaking sister, and a terrifying blind date, Cam must somehow track down a killer, all while keeping the cats around him fed with his gourmet cat treats. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGListening to Andrea LeeTAG

So I’m team dog, lets just get that out in the open. But this sounded cute, fun. And lately the reads I’ve picked have been anything but, so why not.

And I was right it was full of cat-ism’s, but it was also very cute and very fun. Which made it a one sitting, fast read.

Cam, has had a hard life up until a couple of years ago, staying in the closet for many reasons. Then one day a tragedy happened that made him rethink everything. Now he owns the best (only) all things cat store in a small rural town.

As Cam, the cat’s and Jake try and find out what happened to the local woman that was murdered. They also try and start a budding friendship between a most decidedly dog owner and a cat lover.

This is a simply read, although the twist at the end was a nice surprise it was pretty predictably through out the whole tale. The one liners, and threats of cuffing everyone had it moments but like all good things, at some point, we should put them away.

The team work, and therefore the getting to know was sweet, again not a whole lot of depth, but sometimes, that’s the kind of story I need.


Liz Cat

Murder Most Yowl by Quinn Dressler is a cute mystery (as much as a murder mystery can be cute) in which a former law enforcement officer turned cat sitter, Cameron Sherwood must deal with the clash of his past and present in both his professional and personal life.

Cam enjoys the mundane routine of cat sitting. It allows him to devote his time to cats, instead of murderous humans. That is until he discovers the corpse of Mr. Muffintops’ guardian when caring for the cat.

Dressler did a great job of creating an endearing point of view character in Cam. His love for animals shined through with every interaction and his quirks (like his initial prejudice against city-level law enforcement) made him all that more realistic.  However, his burgeoning relationship with Sheriff Jake O’Neil went from enemies to lovers quicker than I thought made sense.

Regardless, the combination of rich side characters, an animal lover MC, and solid, well-paced writing inspires me to continue the series and satisfy the question of ‘Who Dunnit?’


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