His Second Chance (Second Chances #1) by Stephanie Lake #mm #review @loveunleashed

His Second Chance

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The Seventh Viscount of Torring, Randall Blair is more than disgusted with unfaithful lovers. When his last lover announces his engagement to the current reigning belle, Randall decides to suppress his true nature and follow suit. He is determined, once and for all, to forget the dark sailor who slipped in and out of his life five years before.

Lady Prudence Wedgewood has, for a member of the fair sex, unquestioned beauty, and shows a surprising wit, which will entertain Randall, even if her well-proportioned body does not arouse his desires. The marriage should at least be, bearable.

The Blair and Wedgewood wedding plans unfold flawlessly, until Lady Prudence’s brother returns.

Lieutenant David Wedgewood has always been beyond discreet with his unnatural attraction to men. An attraction, which years ago, nearly set Randall’s bed aflame for a blissful, torrid week. David returned for only one reason: to save his beloved sister from a marriage destined to bring nothing but pain. Marriage to a sod!

He will kill Randall if that’s what it takes to stop the wedding. And he is willing to seduce Randall, to prove that this marriage can only end in disaster and heartbreak. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I wanted to like this book, and over all I did. I think my big fault was, it wasn’t long enough. So the basics I did like, very much. But it was one of those where everyone knew the secret,  everyone was talking about it, no one cared, but because it’s illegal we have to marry and carry on.

Randall is mad, he wants what his newest ex-lover is about to have so he decides to marry. Problem is he picks another ex-lovers sister to marry.

Randall and David have a history, that they are rekindling, they think no one knows, but they do. So they get blackmailed into carrying on with the original plan.

I have to say I wasn’t in love with any of these people, not at first. Not Randall for his whiny ways, Not David for his over protective, it’s happened before. Certainly not Prudence for blackmailing the lot of them. But Once we all settled down, Randall and David started sorting out the why and hows. I could see it, the attraction, the attention, the connection. Still not a fan or Pru, I got why she was doing it and the end result, i guess justified. But the way about it, not well done.

However, the writing was well done, the setting was good. And in the end, everyone did get what they all wanted.


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