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Law and Order

The Nightmare Crew is on the hunt for the evil genius who made them, but they find trouble that could spell the end of them all.

Paul Wiseman and his crew return to battle their greatest opponents yet—versions of themselves.

Paul has been transformed into a werewolf, and along with his girlfriend, Angela, a vampire, Ooze, a sentient water being, Sandstorm, a sand being who signs his responses and a resurrected CF, a zombie, they move out to the west coast and set up shop in the Sierra Madre mountain area in order to fight crime. They also seek more information on Andres Peterson, a ruthless and clever industrialist-scientist, whose company made them.

Peterson has fashioned his own version of the Crew, but their methods of fighting crime are heavy-handed, cruel, and unjust.

Things are never as they seem, and it will take a death and a winner-take-all fight. Will evil triumph?

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to scenes of intense action and some of the content may not be suitable for those under the age of fourteen.


I loved Beginnings, book 1 of the Nightmare Crew and looked forward to Book 2: Law and Order. It both lived up to and did not live up to the first.

For the good – we meet new creatures in this one – a creature made from slime, a foul smelling curvaceous vampire, a fire-wielding creature, and the beginner of it all who creates a whole new animal that cannot be described. Paul said it best – Monster.

Paul and Angela hit a few bumps in this one – which makes sense. There’s a curvaceous female vamp on the scene. Hello jealousy. And, of course, the evil man who started the thing in the first place – you have to love an antagonist who is that bad. All antagonists should be that bad. A reader needs an enemy to hate. And in this case, this is one psychotic bad guy.

We’ve got the paranormal good guys vs the paranormal bad guys vs the crooked law enforcement…it is a really fun read in that instance.

Now, for the not so good. There were a LOT of flashback scenes and scenes wherein the story of the first book was retold and retold again. This series is obviously the kind where you need to have read earlier books to read the later ones. So having the first book hashed and rehashed throughout the first few chapters kept kicking me out of the story. That was annoying. And then when they were in the new story there were flashbacks to when they first came to LA, information I didn’t know and didn’t feel like I needed to know. More kicking me out of the story. Info dumps do that.

For the not so good reasons, it kicked it from a 5 to a 4. But I still love the Nightmare Crew and look forward to the next book.


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