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The Hardest Goodbyes

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Some goodbyes are cathartic—a good riddance to those things that hold us back. Some are bitter-sweet. It hurts to say the words, but we know the pain is only temporary, and we’ll soon be reunited.

Some goodbyes are forever . Those are the hardest to say.

At the height of the Cold War, a soldier and a spy begin a forbidden, unlikely affair that leads to a lifetime of love and loss, triumph and tragedy. Daniel and Cade’s ageless passion has forged an extraordinary family, and healed the hearts of those they love, but their journey was never easy.

From their first goodbye to their last, this is their story.

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I don’t recall ever hearing about this series before, but after reading The Hardest Goodbye, I went in search for the rest of this series.  I one clicked book 1 before I even started this review.  The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the beginning, when the characters were introduced to me, there were so many I felt a bit overwhelmed and confused but as the story unfolded it became not only easy to follow but I longed to be part of this family. I seriously have that homesick feeling because I want more from the McLendon family.

When you read this book, you will be entering the love story of Daniel and Cade, two intelligent, military men who met during the Cold War in Germany.  As time goes on for them, their lives take different twists and turns, only to have tragedy bring them back together. The author takes us along as their story becomes dangerous and full of suspense, giving us a white knuckle feeling as we pray it all works out.  With a unique family set up for Cade, Daniel was the one who would need to adjust and decide if a life with Cade was worth leaving what he knew and admitting who he was.

I fell head over heel in love with these two special men and their whole family.  With the hint of trouble for Jonah, I can hardly wait to read the next book, but I am going to spend my time catching up on this series.  The author wrote a story with raw emotions revolving around a realistic plot, something that most readers will be able to connect to even if you are not into M/M romances.  I think this book proves that love is an emotion that should not come with restrictions on who you can give that love to.  Be prepared to cry and have your heart broken as you read, but welcome those moments that will have you laughing out loud and falling in love with this family.


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    Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!!! *happy dance* I’m so glad you loved Daniel and Cade’s story, and I can’t wait for you meet the rest of the family. 🙂

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