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Tyler has never worked for a great house, let alone one with the history and prestige of Rose Hall. He feels unqualified for the post of footman, but hopes his experience as concierge of a fine hotel might count in his favor.

Following the deaths of his parents, Earl Johnathan “Johnnie” Rose has come into his inheritance. Now he’s returned home to Rose Hall with his siblings to settle in as lord of the manor and earl of Roseton. Then his eye falls on the stunning new footman with the blond curls and shy smile. From that moment, Lord Johnnie’s intention to settle in takes on a whole new meaning.

Longing for a relationship more intimate than master to servant, and determined to taste those pretty lips, Johnnie offers Tyler a promotion as his personal valet. Thrilled by the promotion and the chance to tend his lord, Tyler’s naivete and sense of propriety don’t let him see the offer for what it is–until he’s lured into the earl’s bed.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGA-nony-mouseTAG

I will admit, I went back and forth, back and forth while reading Valet on whether I liked it or just simply thought it okay.

First off, by the author’s own admission by a note before the story, the book is a mixture of historical times and definitely a mixture of sexually advanced and sexually repressed societies. I actually think it would be easier to read if it had been made a completely fantastical place without just changing the words/cities names slightly. Because my brain kept saying “but that’s so wrong from a historical standpoint” and yet I also kept thinking “I like the characters and want them to win.”

I felt that Johnnie, for being a main character, was a bit too one-dimensional. I truly never felt like I got to know him. Tyler I got to know a little bit more and I liked him immensely. And I adored Reese and Lord Brent. Not to mention Chris who deserves his own HEA at some point. In fact, I’m hoping that not only will the author do Reese and Brent’s stories, but also Chris and Owens. All those men deserve to find love. And Gretchen needs to find her HEA as well with a man, otherwise the Rose family will die out quickly. And then what would the theatre do? They need more heirs.

There was a buildup in the book about Johnnie introducing a man named Sloane to his brother… and nothing happened. And an old lover of his coming on to him but after he turned him down… and again nothing happened. There seemed to be a ton of red herrings in this romance.

However, the romance ran pretty true to the romance story structure. Almost beat for beat.

And while it took until 75% of the book before I could honestly say I was caught up and couldn’t put the book down, I still gave Valet 4 stars. Why? Because it was an honest to goodness romance. Nothing too bad happened, and the bad stuff that could have derailed everything were revealed relatively quickly so that angst didn’t hang on for too long.

4 stars and very much looking forward to the next book in the series.


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I simply love MM regency books, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Tyler previous job for a tyrant at a hotel in London. Now he’s in a new home trying to his best, while dreaming of his master.

These two are so fun to ‘watch’ while they play a cat and mouse game. Both knowing they shouldn’t. But they want to, and when they do. Fireworks. The Earl is so protective of Tyler and in return, Tyler is so honest and sweet and caring.

The descriptions of the clothes, the area, the feelings had me falling right into the story. Even if the names are changed just enough to screw with your mind.

My only minor issue was I felt like, there was a back story I was missing? A whole life I didn’t know about? Which left me a little confused. This was my first by this author and now I know of this person I will be looking more up, I’m always on the look out for this sub genre.


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