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Full Throttle

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After a devastating accident, governor’s son Luc Angeles wants nothing more than to bury the sins of his past, but street racing is in his blood, and his crew is his family. In order to lead the Dirty Angels, Luc risks his inheritance, his father’s respect, even the law. It’s all worth it, if only he could come clean with his crew and tell them he’s gay. But street-racing is harsh, and Luc’s rivals are even harsher.

When Luc falls for Jesse, the police chief’s son, he’s drawn further into the street-racing world—a world of fast cars and merciless rivals. It will force him to face his demons and his sexuality, while testing his loyalty to his crew, his family, and even his own heart.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

So this book left me scratching my head. I ended up reading it in one sitting,  but I have to be honest, I didn’t feel any real connection between Luc and Jesse. The story itself was really good. Something new and different, but I got nothing as a couple or even friends.

The story,   one of drag racing, families and promises and lies.

Both young men, I say that because, they both live at home, both very much still under there fathers rule.

They both are dealing with several issues, hiding secrets, hiding feelings, dealing with friends that aren’t friends.

I enjoyed, watching these two trying to figure out, well everything.  Watching Luc comes to term with himself and his lot in life. Jesse, trying to figure out what to do about his father, his duty to his brother and himself.

The end was perfect and showed the growth and justice we needed, I just wish I had that connection I needed as well.



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