Millie’s Alpha (Dante’s Wolves – Barbarian Mates, New Beginnings Book 1) by Lynnette Bernard #mf #review

Millie's Alpha

Millie Easton is a scientist who doesn’t follow orders—not when those orders tell her to abandon injured members of her team. During an emergency stop for fuel, she is witness to the horrors of a mining facility where she finds men who are considered barbarians because they can shift into wolves.

Alpha Dante DeForest and his men came to Abidem to mine crystals and ore. They lost their freedom the moment they proved themselves to be the perfect workforce. He mistrusts anyone who is not of his pack—until he meets the compassionate scientist who called to his soul. Her forbidden touch set them on a path to their destined mating no matter how much he fought it in order to protect her.

Threats from within the pack and outside worlds jeopardized their future, but love and destiny would not be denied. A life of happiness, love, and children would be theirs if Millie would take the chance and claim it. goodreads Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

I have a feeling, if Millie’s Alpha is any indication, this series is going to be exciting and steamy.  Be prepared to be swept away in romance and thrown in battle with the enemy at a moment’s notice.  While the synopsis does a great job at explaining the story, let me see if I can put it in my own words.

Get ready to watch a group of intelligent women consisting of scientist, technology wizards, medics and much more, make an escape from their planet and ruthless ruler in a ship made to source out other lands of life to take over.

On their escape they come across a group of men who are wolf shifters that have been tricked and captured from their homeland.  The brutality that they have endured and the conditions they are forced to live in, prevent them from shifting and healing their bodies for a long time.

When Millie and Dante meet under horrible circumstances, it is clear she is his mate, but he will have to convince her since she doesn’t come from the same traditions as him.  When her life is threatened and her health is hanging on to a thin thread choices need to be made if she is going to survive.

I will stop here and let you experience the rest of the story, as a rescue attempt for the guys begins and their vow to protect their mates takes over.  Can the wolves convince the women that this is fate?  I found this book to be very suspenseful with battles and dilemmas, as well as hot and passionate at times too.  I look forward to watching the stories of each wolf and crew member unfold.  I found it was hard not to fall for each of the characters since they all have such different personalities, yet they each live their live with loyalty and dedication to their group.

Since this is book one, you should grab your copy now and be ready to see where the author is going to take us with this series.  The use of details, emotions and description begin to play out in your mind, making every scene more than a fictional plot but also sweeps your emotions up and makes you live the story with them.

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