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Captive heat

Captured by slave traders, Mia Townes fears for her freedom, her life, and worse. Drugged by her captors, her body is not her own. When she’s rescued by Jaden Zoma, the rugged space trader becomes her only hope of sexual relief for light years in any direction. Then he goes into heat.

With the sexual time bomb on a short clock sabotaging Mia’s self-control and Jaden’s need to mate, can these virtual strangers from a different species trust each other enough to meet the erotic demands of survival?

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Captive Heat is a solidly written sci-fi erotica novella. Eastman does a nice job with the beginning, dropping the reader into the story post-abduction and catching us up to what’s occurred via Mia trying to collect her wits. Although the book is written in the third person, the author alternates between Mia’s point of view and Jaden’s point of view, which gives the reader even more info as to Mia’s state of affairs and just how precarious her position is. Fortunately for Mia, Jaden belongs to a network of traders who are unhappy with the increasing brazenness of the Bermers abducting young, humanoid females for the sex trade. He also possesses an affinity for codes that allows him to hack their transmission, enabling him to intercept their ship and rescue Mia.


It wasn’t surprising that their troubles didn’t end with Mia’s rescue (they never do), but I wasn’t expecting the path the author took after that. Without exposing the details of the “sexual time bomb” mentioned in the blurb that Mia is facing, it merely served as only one of the additional obstacles the couple faced. Once that was dealt with, the following day they were then faced with Jaden going into heat (it’s the title, so not really a spoiler) and him needing to mate. Even though this represents yet another hurdle they must overcome, Eastman puts an interesting spin on it that gave Mia even more incentive to help Jaden out than she already felt due to his assistance with her issue the day before. While I found it both hot and amusing as Mia taught Jaden about her body, there is very little that occurs between them other than sex – at least not that the reader is shown. I suppose that this is my main complaint about the book; not the sex, but rather that except for a sentence or two about their activities while they weren’t between the sheets, very little occurs that made their professions of love at the end of the book believable. Captive Heart would make for a great beginning to their story, with additional installments about their life together. Or it would have made a great erotic novella with them parting ways at the end. But to end it with them professing love without showing a reason for that connection other than the fact that he rescued her and that they helped one another out in their time of sexual need, it didn’t completely work for me. That said, I enjoyed the rest of the book and consider it a 3.5 star read – better than good, but not quite to the I really liked it stage. I would definitely give the author another read.


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