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Bind Me to You

Camille Statler would do anything for her sister and nephew, including going to a sex club with the intention of getting damning evidence to hold against her nephew’s father to stop his custody suit. Despite her plan to concentrate only on her goal, she discovers two things the moment she steps into another world. First, much to her dismay, she discovers that Declan Whitmore, a man she met a few months earlier is not only a member… he owns The Warehouse. Second, though she’s denied her needs for years after the devastating breakup of her marriage, her body turns traitor the moment Master Dec escorts her into the playroom.

Declan can’t believe the woman he’s been unable to put out of his mind just walked into The Warehouse. He has absolutely no problem welcoming her into his club, and teaching her to let herself go and find the bliss she so desperately craves. What he isn’t pleased about is that, while she responds to all he does to her body, she refuses to share what he knows she is hiding from him.

Over the next few weeks, she succumbs to his dominance and responds to his controlling discipline but to his frustration, refuses to reveal anything personal about herself. The more time they spend together in and out of the club, the more Camille and Dec want each other. But soon Dec discovers her deceit and Camille is left to wonder if she waited too long to come clean with him. Can Dec see past her lack of trust to prove that he will be there for her forever? Or has her fear of repeating the past doomed her to a future lived alone?

This is the second book in the Virginia Blueblood series, where four friends have vowed to live their lives the way they want to, making their own way and their own rules. Follow Nate, Dec, Fin, and Wes as these men not only live every moment to its fullest, they find very strong, sassy, capable women who not only claim their hearts, but who also share their souls. Although this is a series, each book can also be enjoyed as a standalone.

Disclaimer: This books contains the spanking of adult women, and explicitly detailed sexual scenes including anal play and ménage. Elements of BDSM are explored. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

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You don’t have to read book one in this series for Bind Me to You to make sense, but for the simple fact of how awesome this series is, I would highly recommend it.  I have fallen in love with this authors style, the level of intensity and raw emotions reaches a standard I rarely see in my reading lately.  The plots are not only hot due to the characters and setting of the action, the emotions are very relatable to the reader.

We met Camille Statler in the first book, but now we get to know her. Nate, from book one, has known Camille most of his life as she was his little sister’s best friend before she died. Living with a haunting past of what she had lost when her husband dumped her, she focused her attention to her sister and nephew.  When the dead beat father to her nephew comes back after being MIA for ten years, demanding custody of his son, Camille goes on a mission to get the proof she needs that Steve is not father material and her nephew deserves more.  Unfortunately, her mission will lead her to a sex club called the Warehouse.

Declan is another friend of Nate’s and also the owner of the Warehouse so when he sees Camille walk in, she isn’t a stranger to him.  He remembers the lust he felt for her on that quick meeting they had a few months back.  He recognizes quickly that she is hiding something and her past is off limits as in every conversation, so he is going to have to put his Dom skills to work to get her to tell him about her ex-husband and why she is reluctant to let him in, but even the best Dom can mess everything up.

I can’t go into the story anymore because I don’t want to spoil the plot but don’t assume this is a run of the mill BDSM book.  As I said I really liked the first book but I love this one.  I have already checked out the other work from this author because her writing just draws me in and keeps me as a begging hostage for more with her characters and story lines.  There is no way I can put one of her books down so far without thinking about them and rushing to get back.


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