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Eve Sawyer had a bright future ahead of her when a tragic accident cost her everything. Now, twelve years later, desperation for all she has been missing compels her to seek comfort and pleasure in the arms of strangers. A few hours indulging in anonymous sex with a man named Nate gives her more pleasure than she ever dreamed possible. Unfortunately, past experiences with men haven’t given her any hope that incredible night could ever lead to anything more. After meeting Nate again and succumbing to his erotic coercion to enter into a sex-only affair, she soon discovers all the different ways a man with a very healthy sex drive and a creative imagination can give a woman with limitations the exciting, pleasurable adventures she has been craving.

Nate Radcliff never had trouble forgetting a woman once he left her bed until he spent the night having sex with a woman who insisted on keeping her name a secret and her face hidden in the dark. The way she embraced everything they tried and that unique breathless gasp she made wouldn’t let him forget her. A few weeks later, a chance encounter has him coming face to face with the woman he has been obsessing about. He is stunned to discover the reason she hadn’t needed a light that night; she is blind. Immediately struck with admiration for the lengths Eve is willing to go to to brighten her dark world, he becomes determined to give her the adventures she craves.

For weeks, Eve basks in the decadent pleasures and adventures both Nate and his friends give her, making sure she keeps her heart guarded from hoping for more, even when Nate insists their sex-only affair has grown into something more for him. But Nate isn’t one to give up, especially when he wants someone as much as he wants Eve. Just when his persistence starts to pay off and Eve becomes open to a future with him, her best friend, Holly, returns to town, her jealousy and possessiveness threatening to drive them apart. Eve refuses to believe anything bad about Holly, the only person who has stayed faithfully by her side through thick and thin, which drives a wedge between her and Nate. In the end, Eve’s refusal to see her friend’s true motives comes close to not only costing her the man she loves, but costing her her life. Will Nate be able to make her believe that he wants all of her—forever? Will Eve discover that she’s been blind to the fact that this man loves her and that she loves him?

This is a newly edited version of Blindsided which has been previously released by this author and is the first book in the Virginia Bluebloods series.

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes including exhibitionism, anal play and ménage. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

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The characters and plot are so well developed in this book, it captures the reader’s attention in the first chapter.  With a topic that could easily turn reader off, the author made the moment Eve and Nate met not only make sense but gave it validation.

Eve Sawyer was a young girl, whose dreams of going to college in New York was the only thing that would keep her and her boyfriend apart.  With a future in place, heart filled with passion and desires, she was sure nothing could stop her, until that split second when tragedy happened and her dreams went up in flames.  Now years later, she finds that she is a strong woman who teaches at a school for the blind, and lives her life alone as she tries to heal her broken heart.

Nate Radcliff is the son of wealthy parents whose priority is their social standing and reputation.  Nate and his sister never registered on their radar unless it benefitted their parents.  Now that it is just Nate, he is determined to never follow in his father’s footsteps and make his fortune in his own way.  It isn’t about the money or social standing, it is about honoring those he loves and finding the life that fulfills him as a man and lover.

What brought Eve and Nate together was an escape from the anniversaries of when their worlds shattered into a million pieces.  What started out as a night of anonymous comfort soon turned into chemistry that couldn’t be ignored for long.  Nate is going to teach Eve the power of making love, the freedom to explore her desires and the value that she holds in this world no matter what she has overcome.  It was a beautiful experience to watch Eve show Nate his worth is not in the dollar signs and prestige that according his parents were the only thing that matters. This sounds like a simple story but you will soon find, the path to love is often full of secrets, risks and betrayal.  While they both know everything has an expiration date, they soon find that life is sometimes worth the risk if you really want to feel true love.

I fell in love with Eve and Nate, I was inspired by their courage and determination to never surrender to the pain they both experienced.  I am very excited that this is a series because the style of this author captivated me and gave me characters that I want to keep reading about for a very long time.


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