Chaos Bound (Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club #4) by Sarah Castille #mf #review @sarah_castille @SMPRomance

Chaos Bound


After enduring months of torture at the hands of the Black Jacks MC, and betrayed by his own club, Holt “T-Rex” Savage, a junior member of the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club, will stop at nothing to get revenge. But falling for a beautiful woman with dangerous ties to his sworn enemy was never part of the plan…

Raised by the Black Jacks, Naiya Kelly grew up fast, furiously, and with little to lose. But now that she’s put her MC days behind her, she is free to do what she wants—until she meets a man who imprisons her, body and soul. She swore she’d never give her heart to a biker, but Holt is the most passionate, protective man she’s ever known. But will Holt be forced to betray his one true love to exact his revenge?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

I’m pretty sure that each time I read the latest release in the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series that I proclaim that book my favorite. And even though I’m going to say the same thing about Chaos Bound, I think that Naiya’s geek flag may have well and truly sealed the deal this time.


Presumed murdered by Viper, T-Rex has spent the last three months in the Black Jacks’ basement dungeon, being tortured. Not knowing whether it’s worse to believe that he’s been abandoned by his brothers or betrayed by them, Holt’s days are numbered and he knows that he doesn’t have many left. When the Black Jack’s toss a woman into the room with him, he’s not sure what to think because other than her initial screams when left in the cell in the dark, she’s holding it together far better than he would have expected. Despite her disadvantage of size and him knocking on death’s door, they make a frightening, yet humorous escape from the Black Jacks’ compound. While Holt promises to keep Naiya safe from Viper, he has two goals – kill Viper for torturing him and destroy the Sinner’s Tribe for betraying him. As he takes the time to heal physically and plot his revenge, he and Naiya get to know one another, and the more he knows, the more he likes, until he’s not sure he’ll be able to give her up when the time comes for them to part ways. Fortunately, Naiya feels the same way, despite her determination to stay out of the biker lifestyle. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and Holt’s is at a loss as to how he can be a biker and exact justice from Viper and still keep Naiya in his life. But secrets and lies, once again, play a major role in the story and left me wondering exactly how things were going to turn out – who was going to live, who was going to die, and could Naiya and Holt have a life together?


I thoroughly enjoyed Chaos Bound. Not only does the author address the psychological aftermath from the torture and feelings of betrayal that Holt has to deal with once he escapes, but we also get to see Naiya recover from the emotional scars she received from Viper as well, including those from the oldest wound she received at fifteen. Naiya herself was a breath of fresh air compared to most of the heroines I encounter in MC romances. Her career path and her clear love of most things geek made adoring her automatic for me. That she not only called upon her inner strength when she needed it, but also to calm Holt, made her that much better. The secrets surrounding her family heritage where shocking and one played out to be a closer relationship than I guessed it to be. Interestingly, I quite enjoyed getting a few of the scenes and chapters from Tank’s perspective. It served to illustrate how close he was to Holt, and provided a frame of reference between the T-Rex he knew and the Holt that Naiya knew. It also made the ending more believable and the epilogue very entertaining. Chaos Bound was another great addition to the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series and I really hope that Castille has more books planned.


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