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Regina lost her husband four years ago. Now she lives a solitary life—by choice. But her preferences are tossed aside when an unseen force drops her into a remote jungle. There, a small group of handsome, athletic men are waiting to show her that the woman who takes on their tribe has no chance to remain lonely…or unsatisfied.

But Regina wants more than what she’s offered. Niku takes her to bed for her first time in years, but is emotionally absent. Ax makes her writhe in pleasure, when he’s not tempting her to punch him in the face. Brannon is a sweet-talking, dreamboat, but can she trust him not to break her heart? Tennyson, Benji and Sebastian all adore her, but is their connection with her more than just the wild times they share between the sheets? With Rayne overflowing with animosity, and Viktor making her want to run and hide, figuring out which one of these men might just be the next great love in her life, is going to be a challenge.

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How would anyone deal waking up surrounded by strange men in a jungle.  After being celibate after her husband’s funeral 4 years ago, Regina has no idea what’s going on.  She is informed that she will be the wife of all 8 men.  She is in shock, plus feels both horror and a high state of sexual arousal.   There ways are strange, as is their language.  She wonders where she is, a different planet?  Yet they are learning her to speak to her within days.  She is told of a time limit, which as time passes becomes more of a countdown to more pain then a release to go back to where she belongs.

All of these men treat her physically well, yet emotionally one drivers her crazy, another acts like she is evil, and yet another makes her skin crawl.  As times goes by she falls in love with all but one.  It is different with each one.  But they grow close as a type of family, one a trusted brother, one a loved younger lover who is looked after with care.  Some more loved more as friends and lovers, and one who is loved above all.  There is still one who is turned away due to his actions.

Hearts break, and time together ends. Will these husband’s and wife have enough to go on for the rest of their lives? Will time be kind and bring them back together some place in the future?

I am not usually a fan of time travel, yet once I started this I read it straight through.   The different personalities of the husband’s really kept me interested.   There individual story’s and reactions to Regina, we’re interesting and unique.   Regina had a lot to deal with and she was always getting into some kind of trouble.   I really enjoyed this book.  Can’t wait to read the next book!

4 stars

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Emerald Lavere is a forty-something wife, mother, dancer, singer, writer, lover of comic book heroes and heroines, good dark chocolates (especially with liquor in them), and many different flavors of art, books, and men!
A fan of just about every genre, she aims to write stories that contain something her readers will find sweet, and something surprising as well. If hot, explicit, sexual encounters happen to be included in those stories, well, it’s really not her fault. She is only recording the facts of what happens in the alternate universes, that the voices in her head tell her about. Often the voices won’t shut up until their stories have been told, so really, what else can she do?
Living in Southern California with her family and a fluffy dog she met at the local shelter, Ms. Lavere enjoys time with her family, reading, and walks. A former professional performer, she now dances for fun whenever possible, and sings often, and loudly, in her car. When she has alone time and is not working on her writing, she enjoys watching old Smallville episodes, because hot damn, there are some fine ass men on that show.

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