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Blair Clark has reached his breaking point. Forced to leave one job because of sexual harassment, he’s having difficulty finding another. Since no one believes what happened, Blair’s left with a stain on his employment record that he can’t get rid of. He’s had to move back home with his mother. As if that’s not bad enough, he realizes his crush, Travis, is simply using him. His romantic life looks as hopeless as his job search.

Jack Ross is sure he’ll never find anyone who’ll love him for who he is. All anyone sees is the port-wine stain on his left cheek—not the man behind it. Even his mother thinks he should get rid of it. But the procedure is difficult and painful.

When Blair applies for a secretarial position with Jack’s firm, both men learn that beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. It’ll take a lot of trust to chase away their insecurities, but if they take a chance on one another, love will find a way. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

What a beautiful, but sad tale.

Blair,has fallen into a friendship of sorts with an abusive, verbal, at this point man. But his self esteem is so low, he feels this is it.   Until one harsh ribbing at the bar caused a bad scene, Blair finally sees the side of Travis that everyone else did. That he did, but wouldn’t admit to.

The next day, at the job interview, his new boss happens to be the same man from the bar. Luckily, this man can see past the all that. and is willing to give Blair a chance.

Over the next few weeks Blair and Jack develop a wonderful work/friendship and we as readers get it see that blossom and grow. This is not a slow burn, I did not feel a sexually chemistry connection. Just an amazing friendship.

I thought the approach they both had towards this friendship hopefully relationship was magical. And well though out. Blair and Jack both have been treated poorly in the past, they both can feel this time it’s different even with out talking about it to each other, so they act accordingly. Beautiful.

The ending was also good, showing us the bad guy gets what he deserved. The knight saves the day, and they both save each other.



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