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Island Doctor

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Dr. Jeff Martin has spent five years as a rural general practitioner on the Isle of Wight hiding the fact he’s gay. He travels in secret to see his partner, Tris, but when he discovers Tris has been cheating on him, he ends their relationship. Then Jeff meets island native Cameron Gillard. Cameron is down to earth, lively, and treats Jeff like he’s the most important person in Cameron’s life. Jeff blooms under Cameron’s attention, and he decides to come out to his colleagues and friends.

Just when things are going well, Tris reappears out of the blue. Jeff is no longer interested in Tris, but it seems he has two men to convince. Tris, who can’t believe Jeff is serious about wanting to end their relationship, and Cameron, who can’t hide his jealousy of Tris. Jeff is certain about one thing—the only man he wants in his life is Cameron. Now he just needs to prove it to Cameron.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Jeff is starting over with Cameron.  He is happy and enjoying being the center of Cameron’s attention.  Life is not all roses though, he has had to tell people about him being gay, and Cameron has some issues that he is avoiding.  Jeff is already getting over being lied to and is hoping that Cameron will explain what is going on soon.

Cameron loves Jeff and he also respects him.  Yet he has some issues of his own to work through.  But that doesn’t stop him from showing his affection and taking care of him as much as he will let him.  Cameron is insecure and jealous of Jeff’s ex who keeps texting and showing up.  Yet Jeff is done with his ex and keeps telling both of them that he only wants and loves Cameron.

This is a wonderful love story, with a great cast of characters.  Cameron is my hero; he is open to all his emotions. He tells it like he sees it and doesn’t keep secrets.  Jeff is more reserved but still a wonderful person.  The secondary characters really make this a well-rounded story.  It’s a great start to begin a new series!

4 stars

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