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At Long Last

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When Scott Trask gets a job at his law firm, Preston Reynolds begins to feel the same attraction he felt for his best friend’s younger brother years earlier. But he couldn’t be sexually attracted to the young gay man. Preston isn’t gay.

Scott has been in love with Preston for years, but the man is straight, and at one time married. Being divorced now doesn’t make him available. Yet, when the two of them are alone at the office one night, Preston surrenders to the urges he’s tried to ignore and they begin a passionate affair.

At first, Scott thinks he can handle it when Preston wants to keep their private life together a secret but he’s wrong. Then when Preston makes promises to change, there is hope. Sort of. Preston has a tough choice. Learn to accept himself at long last or risk losing Scott forever…

Note:This book was originally released by another publisher in two separate volumes. In this volume, the two stories have been revised and edited and combined in an omnibus version.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

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Pretty straight forward novella, best friend of brother is gay. Young brother has mad crush. Fast forward, they now work in the same office, same older BF is divorced, knows why but keeping the secret. Kid brother has grown up, still has the crush and will do anything for BF to notice him.

So, I actually liked this tale, I thought it was the just the right length, gave us the right back ground, family drama, personal drama. Inner development and hope.

Scott, still has a little growing up to do, and Preston still has some soul searching to do but together they fit perfectly and can help each other complete and grow. As long as the rest of the family stays out of it.

Super happy to see that ending.


Liz Cat

At Long Last by Shawn Lane is a story about Preston a “straight” man who is now working with his best friend’s younger brother, Scotty, whom he has always denied his attraction to. Little did he know, Scotty, an openly gay man, was hiding the same secret. When they are thrown together in the office every day, however, their secrets don’t last long.

I thought Scotty was adorable. He was so eager and open. I loved his enthusiastic vulnerability. That sounds strange, I realize, but he was so willing to put his heart on the line, even when Preston was clearly unsure. Preston, unfortunately, did not inspire me. He seemed more interested in keeping his self-image intact than he was in preserving Scotty’s feelings.

However, Preston is always happy to have sex with Scotty. Whether at the office, Preston’s house, the hotel…Preston is always ready to satiate his near-constant arousal. It took far longer for him to acknowledge a relationship with Scotty, despite knowing that’s what Scotty needed.

This book was fine for what it was, a sex-fueled gay-for-you romp of self-discovery, but it wasn’t my style. I’m sure other readers will have a different opinion. Three stars.


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