Love Built to Last (Fireflies #1) by Lisa Ricard Claro #mf #review @LisaRicardClaro

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LOVE BUILT TO LAST is a contemporary romance featuring two people who have suffered the pain of devastating loss, and must learn to love and trust again. Based on the award-winning short story, Fireflies, this novel is the first book in the Fireflies series.

She can’t let go of her dead husband . . .

Maddie Kinkaid believes her late husband, Jack, gives her advice on everything from ordering a pizza to hiring a carpenter, so when she finds Caleb Walker’s business card on Jack’s desk, she’s convinced that he’s the guy to remodel her kitchen.

He can’t decide if she’s worth the risk . . .

Caleb is a single father, and protecting his young son means avoiding romantic entanglements. But there’s heat in every kitchen, and sparks ignite between Caleb and Maddie—until disaster strikes.

As Jack goes silent and Maddie’s guilt consumes her, it looks like Caleb and Maddie will never find their happily-ever-after—at least, not without a little help from Jack . . .

LOVE BUILT TO LAST began as the award-winning short story, Fireflies, and is now the first novel in the Fireflies series, available now for purchase. Watch for book #2 LOVE TO BELIEVE and #3 LOVE TO WIN, both coming soon from Black Opal Books.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

I must admit I am not a big fan of pure romance books.  I love the suspense and darkness that certain drama can provide for me as a reader and this book was missing that.  Even with that said, I have to give it a four star because of the writing style and the amount of emotion that the author was able to provide me as a reader.

I have never experienced the loss of a husband so I needed the extra detail and description that was provided so I could connect past the normal sympathy with Maddie.  After 4 years of Jack, her husband’s death, she was still holding on to him by believing he sent her messages as to how to continue to move forward.  When some work needed to be done around the house, she found Caleb by way of what she felt was her husband.

Caleb could identify with Maddie as he was left raising his child after he lost his wife. Both are fearful to give their broken hearts to another person but Caleb has the extra weight of trying to balance this new life for than just himself. When the two find that a future might be in sight for them, something happens to destroy their trust and shake their worlds.

Is a second chance at love worth the risk, even if it means having to let go of the past that has been your safety net for years?  Is being along with the ghost of your loved one, the best this world has to offer you as a future? You won’t find hot sex scenes or a lot of drama in this book.  The author did a fabulous job at using reality to allow the characters to tell their stories.

This was a love story in the truest sense of the words.  Love, loss, regret and hope all reigns supreme in Maddie and Caleb and I am glad I was able to take a break from the more intense books I normally search for. Love Built to Last was worth the read because it brings us back to real life and the pain of those around us that we’d rather ignore.


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