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The Harder He Falls

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Expert whitewater-rafting guide Grady Kelley lives for that rush of adrenaline: at work, as the newest employee of a Portland-based outdoor-adventure sports company, and off the river, where liaisons with anonymous men keep him satisfied. Grady prefers no drama and no strings attached, but when tragedy strikes, fate leads him to Micah Swaine. He’s hot, masculine, distracting—and offers the kind of deeper connection Grady has sworn off, no matter how badly he craves it.

Working at a leather bar, Micah meets a lot of guys, but Grady’s different—and he seems to feel the same way. The trouble is, anything beyond casual sex is too risky for Micah. He’s got secrets he doesn’t know how to share, secrets that would make any relationship a battlefield. No man, even one as compassionate as Grady, would stick around for that kind of trouble. And yet, as physical desire melts the walls they’ve put up, Micah and Grady discover that trusting each other is the most exhilarating adventure of all. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGListening to Andrea LeeTAG

Few things I couldn’t seem to get over,around in this story. I understand it’s book one, but I kept feeling like I was missing pieces? Maybe we have a prequel.

I really disliked Grady. I never did warm up to him, and for me that’s a huge issue. Micah, was okay, but again just kinda blah. So together…

I liked that both of the people feel like they can help each other through these issues, not sure how healthy that is, but it is fiction after all.

Even though, Finn seemed to take a back seat while while Grady and Micah got there BDSM groove on, and they certainly did that. It was nice to see we did get a reappearance at the end with him waking up.

Overall, not my favorite read, less sex to fix our problems, more Grady being less of a jerk. And getting to the story.



April's Showering Words

Grady is falling apart, survivors guilt is brutally weighing him down. He is now questioning his whole life.  As he fights to stay positive around his only living family.  At his lowest point a shining light appears, but can anyone or anything who sees the real person want him? Grady is not eating or sleeping well and it is starting to show.  He starts to meet Micah outside the hospital for someone to connect with.

Micah knows what Finn is going through having lived through a coma himself.  He has some severe side effects that he will live with for life.  He reads to the comatose patients now, but he has a full life.  When he is reading to Finn, in walks Grady a man he can see is on edge.  All he wants at first is to help, yet he is attracted to him.  Micah knows that with his limitations and Grady’s issues now is not the time.   But a guy can dream.

Through this entire story my heart bled for both Grady and Micah.  I absolutely adored this story.  It takes strength and courage to work through mental problems and even more if you have a mental disability.  The respect and strength it takes to live a normal life is shown in this story just goes to show what a well written story it is.


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