His Hustle, Her Job: Drama in the Office by Co Kane #mf #review

His Hustle, Her Job

What’s messier than friendships with co-workers? Sex with co-workers. Especially when the main culprit is your boss. After newcomer Dulce Jones accepted a new position at Bay Residential, a level 10 juvenile program in the panhandle of Florida, she discovered her longtime boyfriend was knowingly setting traps and handling illegal business on the job. As much as she wanted to thwart his plans, she was too late to stop the madness before bodies started dropping. Will Dulce have a future with Bay Residential or will this messy situation land her in a maximum security adult residential program?

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I fear this wasn’t the book for me on many levels.

The synopsis gives a good hint at what the story is about but my taste don’t fall in line with the style that the author used.

Everything pretty much centers around the employees at Bay Residential juvenile detention center where Dulce received her first job after college.  From there things began to get chaotic with the introduction of multiple characters who all played a major role in the plot.

I had a hard time keeping the “couples” organized as I read because everyone slept with each other, pregnancies were occurring, crimes were being committed, betrayal was on over load and it didn’t take long for it to become too much for me.  I spent the first 2/3 of the book searching for a plot, something that I could actually invest in.

The last 1/3 was where I finally found the missing item, the suspense and truths to the lies that had been told.  The ending was rather shocking but I was pleased to know how everyone ended up.  If you love a very fast paced book, with a ton of sex then this would be the book you are looking for.  I can see this book thrilling readers looking for that.  If you are like me, who needs a slow build, solid plot that begins from page one and less sex, you might have a hard time getting in to it till the ending.

One thing I really want to make clear is the final few sentences of the book.  I found the message to be strong and left me thinking about its meaning.  I just wished I had realized that was what this book was trying to convey all along.


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