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Wet Heat

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Most omega werewolves want a mate and pups, but Lee Aung prefers an unconventional party-boy lifestyle. Yet at forty-two, he’s stopped going into heat, which means he’s expired goods—no longer a fertile, young omega that alpha wolves drool over. So Lee uses Wet Heat, a synthetic pheromone, to reel in the alpha hookups.

After losing his job at the bank, Lee can’t afford to keep up his Wet Heat habit. His solution: scam free samples by pretending to be a happily mated test subject at Wet Heat headquarters. There, Lee spends two years being interviewed by the reserved alpha scientist, Cain, who at thirty-two is unmated and—up until this point—content with that.

Cain never really felt his alpha instincts, nor took part in the usual alpha/beta/omega social dynamics. But after discovering that Lee has been lying about his unmated status for two years, Cain finally admits that for the first time, he wants to court an omega. Unfortunately, he’s picked the one omega who doesn’t want to be courted.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGListening to Andrea LeeTAG

This has to be one of the most unique and frustrating shifter books I’ve read in a long time.  I use the term shifter loosely, they do shift, a couple of times but it’s the Alpha, Beta, Omega relationships that we concentrate on.

We have two main characters, Lee a washed up 42 year old Omega you has spent his life avoiding, well everything. He never wanted pups, so stayed away from relationships, loves sex, and now at the higher age has fallen into this no mans land in the shifter world.

Cain, The guy who has been the rep for two years at drug trails Lee has been going to, to get the one thing that will make Lee desirable, Wet Heat.

I have to say, Lee is probably one of the most frustrating characters I’ve read in a long time. He’s 42, which we are told repeatedly, but acts like a 22 year old brat. I applaud the writing by this author that about half way, I had to stop reading and walk away, just because of his bratiness was bothering me so much. (Kitchen Scene, Cain home) And by the same token, Cain, just not showing the dominance we expect. But when he did, perfect.

The actually story was a great one, humans have items to help, and need them, why not other worldly creatures!

The secondary cast is a perfect touch to keep it going, evil villain, dressed up, well in wolfs clothing. A eager young pup and the one coming of age.

The HEA ending couldn’t have been better



April's Showering Words

Lee doesn’t feel like there is anything wrong with him just because he never wanted to mate and have pups.  With the use of Wet Heat, he is still desirable to the young alpha’s.  Yet when goes on a blind date, he finds Cain an alpha he never expected.   They are really well suited for each other, yet Lee fights it.  When a family emergency comes up, Lee drops everything to help.

Cain has been lied to for years by Lee, but he still feels drawn to him in a way that he never has before.   His alpha wolf comes out more and more for Lee. When the opportunity arises to date the annoying yet sexy omega Cain takes it.  Cain finds out the new strain of Wet Heat acts like a drug, taking the omega’s ability to say no to an alpha. He reports it immediately, somehow it still gets out of the lad and into the clubs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a perfume that would make people desirable again?  I would certainly appreciate it!  Lol a fun story, with lots of sex, and alpha fussiness.

4 stars

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