The Pirate’s Cove (Portland’s Men #2) by Michelle King #mm #review @loveunleashed

The Pirate's Cove

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Jamie loves Morgan and he has for years. He just couldn’t tell anyone about it. Now he’s finally free, and he wants to tell everyone. Starting with Morgan. But what if Morgan doesn’t want to commit? After all, he’s been keeping Morgan his dirty secret for years.

Morgan DJs at The Pirate’s Cove on the weekends. It’s the perfect place to meet up with his lover. At least… so Jamie hopes.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Jamie is a true submissive, but he has been married for a long time.  He is the father of 2 boys that he loves very much.  He finally worked up the nerve to file for divorce.  Now he is ready to start his real life that means telling Morgan he loves him and want a future with him.   Jamie is over joyed to learned that Morgan returns his love.

Morgan has always wanted more of his angel, but Jamie is married so he settled for what he could get.  Being a dominant, Jamie is perfect for him.  When his angel shows up unexpectedly, Morgan is happy yet concerned.  Jamie loves him, Morgan is overjoyed he feels like a new man.  Trouble literally walks through the door not 5 min later.

Morgan is a hero, but he doesn’t feel like one. Morgan is honest, honorable and trustworthy that is why he is my favorite character.  He doesn’t do anything for the glory or recognition just because it’s the right thing to do.  I really like the way Jamie is portrayed, he is a caring father who doesn’t bad mouth his ex-wife, even though she deserves it.  The whole issue of his divorce and child custody were handled with respect as far as Jamie and Morgan are concerned

4 stars

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