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Good Together

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A legacy of bullying and insecurity has left its mark on Troy, affecting all his interactions in the present. Adam is an ex-hocky player turned tattoo artist who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. But no matter how hard he tried, time and again he sends the easily scared Troy running.

Though both are nearly convinced it could never work between them, they agree to give it one more try. But then bad luck and fate conspire to leave Adam floundering to reach Troy while Troy worries over losing touch with Adam.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGListening to Andrea LeeTAG

Okay, first I’ve not read the first one’s in this series and in fact when I said yes I did not realize it was a series book. However, reading this, you definitely got the feeling that you are missing something. Not enough for me to take the enjoyment away, but enough that I actually thought that maybe it was a part something of something.

In this one, we have Troy, a late twenties guy that through out his school and probably beyond has been damaged and then plagued by insecurities. The author does a wonderful job giving us his back story while staying in the present story. We do get flash backs of some hard times while he was a kid in school and those are hard to read, but to understand the man he is you need them.

Adam, is a harder character, we really didn’t get much from him. Maybe he had a charming childhood into adulthood? We did get a little but overall Adam is an enigma. This is my only complaint, wish we had more Adam.

These two are interesting, Troy basically a damaged scared man and Adam over confidant yet insecure in his owe right.  I really enjoyed watching these two fumble along until they could get on the same page and work it out.

I will be looking up the previous ones and hoping for G and M book in the future.


April's Showering Words

Troy knows he is mentally broken in his mind.  He had been bullied to the point that just going to school was a major event.  He has major problems that still date back to the harrowing life he led during those years.  On a night out with some of the few friends he does have he meets Adam. A large, tattooed man who had a very severe look.  Troy closed off towards him, yet was still intrigued by him.  When Troy opens up he finds Adam is what he wants, he just doesn’t believe he is good enough for him.

Adam has had a lot of disappointment in his life, he has picked up and started over. He has a productive and happy if lonely life.  When he meets a shy handsome man. He is immediately attracted but Adam is cold and withdrawn with him, his feelings are hurt.  Adam just can’t seem to forget him, so they go on a date.  Things are ok, not perfect but ok. Will they be able to work through the rough times that come with a relationship?  Can Adam trust Troy not run away?

This book is entertaining and kinda weird, funny, yet what happens to Troy is not.  Adam is the man who Troy has been looking for.  Now Troy just has to accept that he is what Adam really wants.

4 stars

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