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Jericho Junction

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Book 3 in the Mark of Lycos series

A cat, a demon and a bear. Oh my.

Jericho Dark Walker is a Bear, born to shift into both an animal’s and man’s form. He’s second in command to the mixed group of shifters living in the Great Forest. For years it had been his dream to see his clan reintroduced to the land of their ancestors. But now that he’s back he finds himself restless, unable to find joy in even the simplest back scratch or hive of honey. The female shifters offer little challenge, more than eager to bed the Great Clan’s beta, and with everyone getting along, there’s little more for him to do than break up the rare fight.

When an opportunity arrives to represent the clan and work with the athmae to oust an evil plaguing the outer edge of the Great Forest, he gratefully volunteers. The alpha’s brother has mated with an athmae—a demon—so Jericho thinks he knows what to expect. But his new partner is anything but typical. The athmae assigned to work with him is a male demon as large as Jericho, and just as deadly. No sex demon, but a hunter with the instincts of a true predator. So why is Jericho so taken with the male, when he has only ever felt desire for a female?

And why, when they rescue an annoying, sexy cat shifter from certain death, do his instincts scream at him to claim both the feline female and the demon as his own? Bears don’t mate outside their species, yet everything inside Jericho pushes him to do just that. A cat, a demon and a bear. Oh my.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This is book three, I have read two and now three. Never one. I would suggest reading two before this one. Lots of lead up to this and through out overlap.

Also, as the blurb suggests, this is a MFM not just MM. We most definitely have a female parts mixed in. Not sure how you would tag it? first, MM then MFM?

This is a story about clans, shifters all trying to fight the fight and figure out what evil is killing the populous. But as they dig deeper into this they soon realize that a prophecy is being filled.

When Jericho and Seino first meet, we get the understanding there is more, they want more. Even if they both deny it at first. One claiming too busy, the other saying he likes girls. But as the story goes on and the job to find the evil behind the attacks grows so does the connection that these two can’t hide from.  Then in comes Anya, and we are all thrown for an loop. However, the necklaces and sword doesn’t lie. So all three forge a bond and fulfill the prophecy and kick butt.

I enjoyed watching these three learn each other, how they didn’t just accept this fate and take it, so to speak. But they did work as a unit and say the shifters….


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