Abducted – Escape From Kraile (Abducted #1) by J.R. Cleveland #review #YA


After discovering two aliens trying to milk a cow in his Grandfather’s barn, fourteen year old Luke Summers is abducted. Scared out of his wits, he soon discovers that the aliens, Simon and Leonidas, aren’t planning to probe him… huge relief.

Instead, after injecting Luke with nano-translators so he can understand them, they tell him that his parents, both astronauts who were pronounced dead during a failed mission to Mars, are still alive… and they need his help to rescue them from an evil spider-alien dictator named Drac Moor.

There’s just one itsy bitsy catch. Luke will first need to be “reconditioned” so that he can withstand the harsh alien atmospheres that he’ll be subjected to. Oh… and it’s probably going to hurt a little.

Follow along as Luke stumbles through one disaster after another, in an attempt to pull off a daring prison break and free his parents before it’s too late.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Luke is given the chance to be a hero, what more can a teenage boy wish for? Oh yeah reality, when Simon a friendly alien says this will hurt a little is that a little to him or you? Because it was the most intense pain Luke had ever imagined.  Well it’s over now, but he is taller, more muscular, and his bones are denser.  Yep a superhero, then training starts.  He is put through endurance, and toxic fumes.

Then the real hard stuff starts. Simon and Leonidas are of the Trill; they are there to help Luke.  As they all work towards their common goal, Luke grows to trust and respect them.  Simon is very wise and caring in his non-emotional way.  Leonidas was really more of a brotherly type. They both got so excited over new things to study.  Anyway as they are learning more about each other and teaching Luke what he needs to learn.  Luke appears to mature more in the time with them then the passage of time would account for.

This is a wonderful fantasy, with such a great story that once started it I never put it down! I absolutely loved it! Great story!


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