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Kissing Alex

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Martial arts expert Lewis is the kind of bodyguard who slips under most people’s radar. Quiet, reserved, but constantly on alert, he’ll do his job, keep his charges safe, then relax by reading Shakespeare in his spare time.

When he’s given a case involving a spoiled celebrity singer, Lewis isn’t all that impressed. The job is nothing but babysitting a pretty boy, and he’s used to diplomatic postings with depth and challenge. What could he possibly have in common with the man he’s being forced to look after?

Alex became the envy of many when he and his fellow bandmates won second place in a huge TV talent show. He has more money than he knows what to do with, no life goals, an ex-boyfriend selling a sex tape and now, someone who wants him dead, or at the very least maimed.

Can Lewis keep Alex safe, even when things usually in his control go to hell? Is running to a remote Scottish island the only way for them to stay alive? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Kissing Alex is the first book in the Bodyguards Inc. series that I’ve read, and while I had no problem reading it as a standalone this far into the series, it certainly left me wanting to backtrack to the beginning of the series to find out more about the men of Bodyguards Inc. As far as I’m concerned, the blurb doesn’t do the book justice because there is far more to both of the characters than I expected, and as I’ve read several of Scott’s books, that’s saying something. But I suppose that just made the book even better because of the surprise punch it packed.


When Lewis’s annual vacation plans get waylaid by a last minute assignment, he’s none too happy. Even if the boss made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, his aggravation over the situation worsens once he meets his charge. Alex appears to be exactly what Lewis expected – a spoiled celebrity with a diva attitude – and there is nothing about their first meeting and the subsequent flight to make Lewis reconsider his assessment. However, once they get to the island and Alex has a chance to take a breath, relax, and experience a level of safety he hasn’t felt in quite a while, Lewis discovers that his first impression may have been really wrong. As it turns out, Alex is far more laid back and down-to-earth than his band persona would suggest and this makes resisting the attraction Lewis feels for him, even harder. Needless to say, when Lewis finally gives in, it’s a rather steamy encounter and it’s easy to understand why he reconsiders his no sleeping with the client rule. But as the date of court case nears and the real world intrudes on the island, Lewis and Alex are forced to think about whether or not things end on the island, or if they can have a future together.


I always find Scott’s writing style to be easy to read and I often finish the book before I’m ready to say goodbye to the characters. Kissing Alex was no different. I love getting to know Alex and Lewis, watching them circle one another (for different reasons), and seeing their relationship change from professional to personal. The suspense angle was minor to the romance between the men and I liked how Scott kept it simmering on the back burner until it was needed to ratchet up the action in the book. The island of Stoirmeil made for a perfect hideout/escape as it gave the men a chance to get to know one another away from the impending threat, paparazzi, and fans, and gave Alex a chance to decompress, reevaluate his life, and just be himself. Once Lewis got over his initial judgments and crossed his self-imposed professional boundaries, the chemistry between them was hot. I loved that Lewis enjoyed kissing so much and I really loved the roles they took in the bedroom; it was definitely an unexpected treat. Kissing Alex was an entertaining read and I’ve added the rest of the series to my wish list.


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