Dancing With A Dom: A BBW Romance by Katherine Deane #mf #review @KatherineDeane1

Dancing With A Dom

To this day, I’m still not sure which is more embarrassing.

Being left by your husband who says you are fat, overbearing, and frigid in bed.

Or having to change partners midway through a season of televised dancing—because your partner can’t lift you.

Both hurt. A lot. The first made me want to curl up into a little ball and hibernate. Since I had plenty of fat to store away for the winter, it didn’t sound like a bad idea.

The second left me so angry, I waltzed the man through his own set of moves—straight up to the full mirror. Then I lifted him. Luckily, he didn’t get hurt. And I didn’t get sued.

But that’s how I ended up over the knee of the hottest man I have ever met.
After he spanked me, he became my new partner.

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Where the heck have I been?  I need more of Katherine Deane’s books now.  I will be one clicking as soon as I am done with this review.   She has just placed herself on my favorite author list after reading Dancing with a Dom.

I have read a lot of books about “curvy” women and “sexy” men finding each other but there was always something missing for me to actually feel and believe the story, until now.  Dane and Macy made me a believer and not only that, I am inspired as a curvy woman to find beauty in how I look.

Macy and Dane had both been hurt in the past but Macy was a woman I could connect with quickly.  With a love of fries, an ex-husband who put her down and called her frigid, his final betrayal sent her to find solitude that maybe one day would become happiness.  Trying out for a dance show was not originally on her list of things to do but she went and landed the role.

She also landed the attention of the handsome Dane who was not only a Dom but a man who really understood the value of a woman in all of her glory.  This was such a fantastic story, watching him build her up after her ex had torn her down, giving her the courage to explore her confidence, forcing her to feel and stop over thinking things, accepting that she needed lists and a plan for each day but most of all this beautiful man brought her french fries.  How can you not love a man like this?

The book was a very quick read, too quick for my taste as I could have stayed with them for weeks, months, oh heck I wouldn’t mind having these two around for the rest of my life because they were funny, frustrating and real.  Dane made my heart melt and caused me to question why real men weren’t more like this and Macy made me proud as I watched her never give up and OMG the sex.  Katherine Deane knows how to write a sex scene that not only sweeps you in but it comes to life with the amount of emotions she puts in there.

I am certainly a new fan and I recommend this story to anyone who just wants a feel good read and a reminder that we are all beautiful in our own way.


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