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Whatever It Takes

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At a crossroads in life, one man will do whatever he must to rekindle the spark.

It takes an eye-opening talk for Riley Gordan to realize there’s something wrong in his twelve-year relationship with Conor Flemming. He creates extravagant events for same-sex proposals and weddings to over-the-top holiday parties, but he never considered one for Conor and him. Busier than ever, he realized his time with Conor had shrunk. He decides to use his event planning skills and put them to work to rekindle the spark.

Conor Flemming creates extraordinary cakes for anything from a cancer survivor’s celebration of life to a same-sex wedding, but never one for himself. When it comes to his life with Riley, he knows it’s failing, but not sure where it all went wrong. The silence hurts and worries him. Until a flurry of text messages changes the situation. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

This was a super sweet – yet very emotional – story!

I completely devoured it in one read because the story was able to draw me in so much that I just had to figure out what was going to happen with Riley and Conor.

I couldn’t help but feel for Conor because he was trying so hard and everything seemed to fall flat for him.  It just tore my heart out when I found out everything he was doing and how it backfired.

Riley — this boy…  I loved him but hated him at the same time.  He was such an idiot that I just couldn’t believe he didn’t see what was happening right in front of him.

Dennis did a great job at writing a short but packed story that I will be sure to re-read several times in the future.


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