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Druids Lodge

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What lurks in Dartmoor?

After his father’s death, Finn Darcy returns to his ancestral home to become chief of his werecat clan. The mysterious Druids Lodge lies nestled in the shadows of Dartmoor National Park, where the legendary Beast of Dartmoor, a large panther, roams the woods and moors.

Finn cannot take his place as the head of the clan before he claims his mate, Luke Devlin, the one he marked while when they were children. Feeling he was deceived at the start of their relationship, Luke refuses to accept his fate. He bides his time, determined to escape when the opportunity presents itself, before Finn’s jealous and possessive dual nature destroys everything they have left.

But then werecats and their mates start disappearing, and Finn is adamant his mate must be protected at all costs. Events take a grim turn when Finn is abducted and forced to fight for his life. Luke must choose between his chance at freedom or saving Finn.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This story has us in England and Wales this time. We’ve got two mates, both growing up together until an incident happened had one being sent away while the other was allowed to stay and grow up in an Estate home. One was a shifter, one not. One knows the fate of the both, one thinks the other is being difficult.

Luke, is human and was marked by Finn at a young age. After the incident a pack was made and young Finn was sent away. As they grew up Luke was led to believe that Finn was the ‘bad’ son.

This story had a couple of interesting twists. The way they both want to learn each other, love each other. But have lots of past to get through before they can trust each other. The possessiveness that Finn shows for Luke, is amazing. The fact that Luke thinks its a new thing but really he’s been watching and waiting for years.

The way they come together to save the missing, the Manor, each other. Just makes it a wonderful tale.


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