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A Year Less Three Days

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Only love will save them…if it can survive the pits of the damned.

When Lias’s wife was kidnapped, all his skills as a woodsman couldn’t save her—or himself. Captured, sold repeatedly to different masters, Lias endures abuse, torture, and worse. By the time his latest master buys him, Lias is little more than an animal.

He is a creature of rage and hate, antagonizing his master at every turn, lashing out at his boundaries, waiting and watching for a chance to escape and return to his children—or die trying.

At times, Necromis, a knight of the Order of the White Bear, would like nothing more than to oblige his aggravating new charge, but one thing stays his deadly hand. Lias is his last hope. Long ago, Necromis made a deal with a demon named Bonecracker to gain fame, wealth, and respect.

But the day of reckoning is coming, and there’s only one way out of this bargain—capture the heart of a broken slave, or Necromis’s soul will forever belong to Bonecracker.

Warning: Mention of rape, violence.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Lias is heartbroken, beaten and broken. When he is sold yet again he feels he has nothing to lose, he is dying.  When a knight buys him, he doesn’t even know what to think.  He has been whipped, raped his mind is full of rage and hate. Yet Necromis has been nothing but civil to him, treating him with respect instead of like an animal.  It has been a long time since that has happened to him.  His story just burst out with the rest of his emotions. Necromis is sympathetic calm and explains to Lias that he will be given respect as long as he gives it. Yet as a victim of abuse trust is not something that comes easily.  Acting out again and again just to see what will happen to him. Even once he begins to believe and starts to think just maybe he can be happy again, he finds out the wife that started all of this lied and set him up. His girls pawns in her game for money. Will Necromis help him get his beloved children back?

Necromis is a knight and close to the king, he is known for his bravery and his attention to his personal appearance. He made a deal with the demon Bonecracker for fame, wealth and respect to be able to buy the slave that he fell in love with Sterling. Sterling was killed shortly after by his slave owner. Years later Necromis is so tired of death, he just wants peace and love.  He knows his last chance is with Lias, they just have to figure out how to trust each other and move forward from there.  Sounds so easy, but when you have demon minions attacking and people interfering stirring up all kinds of drama. When Lias comes to him heartbroken over what she had done to him, Necromis steps in and immediately sends some of his knights to town to get the children.

This book has some parts in it that might be difficult for some to read.  I think that it is a very well thought out story and all the scenes were needed to fully understand what the characters went through and why they acted the way they did.  The pain and turmoil Lias was put through was brutal and senseless.  The heartbreak and pain that Necromis went through taught him that sometimes when you ask for something you get everything except the most important thing and evil cannot give you love.  Always be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.


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