Shades of Power (Arcane Magic #1) by Beany Sparks #mm #review @BeanySparks

Shades of Power

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An explosion sends Ethan running…straight into the arms of his mate.

Ethan White is a witch whose days are spent in his apothecary with his familiar, Beema. While making potions for the townsfolk keeps him busy, nothing exciting ever happens—until one day when a surprise visitor walks in and his world crumbles around him. Suddenly Ethan and his familiar are on the run, heading for the Fae to seek sanctuary.
Grayson is an alpha wolf. His two best friends are his betas, but there’s one thing missing—a pack. It’s for that very reason that the three of them were volunteered by the council to act as representatives. Their mission? Try to convince the Fae Queen to get the Fae involved in a battle with the Midnight Coven, the witches suspected of using the dark arts. However, the mission takes a back seat when Grayson meets his mate for the first time.
With revelations and lies around every corner and a battle looming, they have to be ready to fight if they want to have a life together.
When a prophecy about the Shades of Power comes to light, both sides want the power for the battle against the other. The question is—who will unite them first? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGListening to Andrea LeeTAG

I believe this is my first book by this author and it was very enjoyable over all.

Grayson is a wolf shifter that is at the Fae Queen home asking for assistance with a problem black Witch when his Mate is carried in.

Ethan, after having to flee his shop and home runs to his Aunt’s home for Sanctuary, help and guidance. He had no idea he would find his Mate as well.

It is a turbulent time for the magical world, and as it turns out Ethan sister is behind all of it. So while Ethan and Grayson discover each other, they have to battle the world around them.

This story had several layers, we had Gray and Ethan learning each other, we had Gray’s men very much involved in that process as well as Ethan’s familiar, Beema. Then we have the Aunt, who happens to be the Queen of the Fae. The battle between good and evil. But somehow we are able to blend it all together and make a story that for the most part moves along and keeps your attention.


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Grayson is stunned when his mate is literally placed a few feet from him passed out.  What’s an alpha wolf to do but get between him and everyone else, even a queen? With his two best friends and betas backing him up. Only Gray never dreamed the wild ride his emotions were going to get once he claimed his mate.

If you believe in love, then Ethan is the character for you, he has been alone except for his familiar for a long time. Beema his loves witch, but there is only so much a cat can be to his human. Ethan wakes and walks to a room to see his mate, a beautiful wolf in front of him, and walks right to him.  He is feeling so blessed, this wonderful man is his.  He gets a loving family with his mate. When evil tries to come between the new mates’ love tested and magic bonds the new family together.

I have read many books that are shifter or fantasy, but few that have a realistic balance of both that flow so well between both worlds.

4 stars

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