Dragon Dreams & Fairy Wings (Fire & Flutter #1) by Bailey Bradford #mm #review @BaileyBFun4Me

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings

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What happens when a fairy loses his wings—and his memory?

Griff was born a Love fairy, but he never quite fit in. He didn’t want to be part of a harem, at least…he didn’t think he wanted that. What with his wings gone and his memory damaged, he can’t be certain of what he felt in the past. All he does know is, he wants his wings back. Without them, he’s grounded.

Blaze is a dragon shifter who tends to stick his foot in his mouth—and some other parts in other places—when he really shouldn’t. His brother is the king, and his sister-in-law Bonny is scary. Blaze’s last screw-up got him grounded, unable to shift into his dragon form. His punishment seems harsh to him, but there’s no escaping it.

Then the Love fairies come to the castle to work on forming an alliance. Blaze has about had it with guarding the horny beings, and he’s disappointed that they don’t stay small and cute. He almost commits a major faux-pas when he swats at something buzzing him, and it turns out to be a fairy on a dragonfly.

And from that snarky meeting, something wonderful, and dangerous, will come.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGAngela_s PonderingsTAG

Dragon shifters and fairies are not paranormal creatures that I would usually envision together. In fact, I can’t recall a single book I’ve read that included both creatures. But as Bradford has yet to disappoint, I thought, “What the heck? I’ll give it a go.” Now that I’ve finished Dragon Dreams & Fairy Wings, I’m not only glad I gave it a chance, I’m happy to see that it’s the first book in a new series.


In the magical world that Bradford has created, dragon shifters and fairies don’t mix. Actually, none of the supernatural races mix – at least not as mates or in matters of procreation because no one wants to deal with hybrid offspring. But rumblings have led Blaze’s brother, Fyre, the king of the dragon shifters, to begin cultivating allies against the darker creatures within the realms. Enter the Love fairies, and among the royal entourage is Griff, whose sister requested permission to bring him along as she is worried of what will happen if he is left home to his own devices. Why? Because Griff was attacked by an unknown force, who ripped off his wings and addled his brain – well, he’s suffering from a bit of memory loss. Besides being unable to fly (oh yes, Blaze has been grounded, too), there seems to be very little that Blaze and Griff have in common, but that doesn’t prevent the home fires from burning nor can they seem to stay away from one another. The fact that Griff purposely sets out to find Blaze speeds up their first clothing-optional encounter, and it quite literally changed their lives because Griff inadvertently bonded himself to Blaze. Apparently faulty recall abilities do not apply to centuries’ old bonding rituals. When circumstances send the newly mated men off on a quest, they encounter both friend and foe along the way, uncover a plot that endangers their future and the future of the realm, discover a major secret that could drastically change their roles among their people, and fall in love along the way.


I really enjoyed Dragons Dreams & Fairy Wings. I liked how each man’s insecurities were things about themselves that the other man was drawn to (Blaze’s freckles) or disagreed with their assessment of (Griff’s lack of wings making him less than others). Even though they were driven by a bonding instinct, there was some strong chemistry between the two men and this made for some steamy scenes. The supporting cast was great and, with this being book one in the series, I’m looking forward to catching up with them all – especially Jade and Grlind. The final battle scene was awesome and far more intense than I expected it to be. This made for a rather wild ride as Blaze and Griff fought for Griff’s soul. Dragons Dreams & Fairy Wings was a great beginning for the new Fire & Flutter series and I’m looking forward to the sequel already.


April's Showering Words

This is what you get when you take two different types of paranormals, that are treated as less than everyone around them.

No matter the intention, be it for good or for bad.

I really loved both main characters, Blaze, as he learns the true worth of self-esteem, for too long has he let other opinions make him feel as if he is not worthy, just because he is young.  When you see Griff he is treated as a child due to his injury, yet he has this unimaginable strength to keep going no matter what.  It makes you just want to be there private cheering section.

I really loved this trip to a fantasy world where magic is alive, and love can still be used to fight against evil.


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