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Welcome Back to The Grid

Jess William Bailey has a history of being a very bad man. But that was the past—now he’s the most brutal of the bad-asses as leader of the Wires—the toughest and deadliest warriors on The Grid. He makes no excuses, feels no guilt for what he has to do and keeps both at bay with women, drink and violence. But his time is quickly running out and Jess has a solitary goal to make sure he leaves at least one good thing behind—his daughter, Sophia. A child that has been raised by the woman he still loves, Emma and the man that used to be the former dark-side of his split personality, Reno Sundown.
The last thing Jess has time for with his collapsing time frame is the beautiful, tough San Fran police detective, Beth Daniels getting in his way.

Beth has always been the one to handle everything that came her family’s way and all she has left is her mother who isn’t able to take life’s hard hits. Beth has worked obsessively in the police department to become one of the toughest detectives with a high crime solution rate. But there’s a serial killer in San Francisco and the city’s women are the targets for the cold-hearted murders. She thought she found the psycho doing the deed. But Jess William Bailey is a whole different brand of killer—one she’s told to stay away from. Which she would be glad to do—if somehow she could.

The Cowboy is totally country.
The Cop is completely rock-n-roll.
Can their two very different beats combine to form a heartbeat of a lasting kind?
And can it survive when Hell wants to kill the song?
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I absolutely love this series and all of the fun characters that the author has created within the stories. Jess is featured in Cowboy and I’m so happy that he got his own story and we get to see this Lothario drop to his knees when it comes to his feelings for Beth. Beth is a bad-ass all in her own right and these two create a combustible combination with their pairing.

It’s difficult to summarize the story without giving away too much, but I can’t stress enough how much I adore the interaction between these two strong characters! The dialogue was hilarious and at times had me laughing out loud and not realizing it. My own personal life has been in shambles, lately, so for me to laugh as hard as I did is a great thing! Thank you, Ms. Ward!!

I can’t stress enough how great this book is! The entire series is worth reading from beginning to end. Again, the author knocks it out of the ballpark with this story and her writing and I only want more and more from her and her amazing muse!


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Finally, Jess has his own book!  As much as I enjoy reading about our loveable Reno and Bounce (I MISS BOUNCE), I have been looking forward to reading a book where everyone’s favorite Cowboy gets to be center stage of the story.

William Jess Bailey is the most notated warrior working for The Grid and while he shines at his job he has a past littered with lots of heartbreak, pain and darkness. He’s a bad boy with list of bad deeds that could fill a few books up but he has one bright spot in his life, his daughter Sophia and he will make sure along with Reno and Emma that she’s protected and loved. However, time isn’t on Jess’s side and he’s come to the realization that he’s going to have to say goodbye to everyone very soon and pay up for all the bad things he’s done in his life but when he meets a confident, beautiful and tough police detective named Beth, he’s going to have to face some roadblocks he didn’t anticipate and find a way to make sure she’s protected and loved before Lucifer comes calling.

Cowboy is a great stand-alone book as well as a great addition to the Shadow-Keeper series. The storyline is interesting, fun and exciting. I found myself laughing a great deal while reading about Jess’s past and present adventures. His interactions with Beth were the cherry on top of the sundae of fun.  Ward always writes witty characters with great sarcastic punch lines. They’re fun yet endearing and you care deeply about what happens to them. Even when they screw up, and man do they screw up, you are rooting for them to find happiness and love. Jess and Beth make a great couple and the story has a host of twists and turns that will keep any reader engaged.

I can’t wait for the next book and for some more Bounce time but until then I will take with me this life lesson I learned from Beth, “….a man’s truck shouldn’t have way bigger balls than he does.”


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