Holding Fast (Love and Order) by Jeanine Binder #mf #review

Holding Fast

Been there, done that – there wasn’t much that Eli Walker hadn’t experienced as a cop. Even working in one of the better precincts in New York City didn’t help dispel the depravity he saw on a daily basis. It was all part and parcel of his mantra of living life in the now, not worrying about the future.
And especially with women. No strings, no attachments, and he made that perfectly clear before he ever bedded them. Relationships were not on his agenda – not now, not anytime in the near future. Women flocked to him and he could take his pick; himself exiting the encounter with what he’d wanted and leaving them aching for more, left dreaming of his curly locks and bronze body.
A chance encounter pulling a mugger off of a woman changed his whole world. She was blonde and beautiful – Eli didn’t care about any of the interracial politics that would surround any serious relationship. He just knew he had to have Ainsley, like an alcoholic needs his next drink. This was all new territory for Eli and could he stay to the path, all the way to its end? Or would she be like all the others in his life …
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Eli knows something is different right from the moment he meets Ainsley.  He is not sure why he is drawn to the blond beauty, just that his heart feels something new and addicting.  He tries to stay away, after all it would be safer them both.  Eli figures out no matter what is safe or not Ainsley already owns part of his heart and it’s only a matter of growing closer before she lives full-time in his mind and heart.

Ainsley is a strong woman, who doesn’t want to let anyone close.  She is drawn to the huge detective, he makes her feel again. After her last relationship she has stayed away from men.  Is Eli worth taking the chance on, opening up and possibly getting hurt again?  Really does she even have a choice, he is already inside her walls and plans to stay.

Eli knew at first sight Ainsley was important. The love um and leave um guy, figured out that much.  Ainsley well she was the emotionally strong one.  She knew even before Eli did, I like to think.

I liked this book because of the strength both characters showed throughout their story.  Will everything workout in the end of this story, I guess we will see.

4 stars

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