Trust Me (The Donovan Family #4) by Margaret Watson #mf #review @mwatsonauthor

Trust Me

Raine Taylor has one goal – justice for her murdered sister. She knows Genie’s husband strangled her and left her in an alley – Peter had been threatening to kill his wife for years. The police said there was no proof Peter Northrup killed Genie. So it was up to Raine to make him pay.

When Detective Connor Donovan answers a call about a trespasser outside Northrup’s house, he finds a woman running down the street. When he tries to stop her, he’s left holding her hoodie as she strikes out like a ninja then vanishes like smoke.

Connor quickly realizes Raine is his mysterious trespasser. Now he has to figure out why she was outside Northrup’s house at three A.M. Raine isn’t his usual criminal – she’s a schoolteacher who coaches a tae-kwon-do team of under-privileged girls. And he’s wildly attracted to her.

Raine needs to stay away from Connor. She has a plan to deal with Northrup, and she can’t get involved with a cop. But like two magnets drawing together, she can’t resist him. Can Connor help her find justice for Genie? Or will her sister’s killer claim another victim before they can stop him?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Connor is at a place in his life where he is questioning his instincts, he trusted his Captain only to find out he was a criminal.  Now he believes he can only trust his family.  When he meets Raine face to face she seems like an honest person, yet he knows there is more going on then she will tell him.

Raine has tried the legal way and been let down, now it’s up to her.  She is not some weak female, she is strong and can defend herself.  Connor is everything she has ever wanted in a man, yet as a detective she knows he will try to stop her so she does everything she can to put a wall between them.

A deal is made, and they agree with stipulations. Connor and Raine have given in to the amazing chemistry between them.  Except the next day they try to rebuild the distance between them.  Of course it’s to late, but they are to stubborn to simply accept that.

It takes a disastrous and hurtful confrontation to really hit home where family is concerned, and just how good they have it together.  With one more piece to the puzzle they finally are able to figure out just how the killer set up Ginie’s murder.  The arrest warrant is issued now it’s  just a matter of time.

Will he be picked up be before he can get to Raine?  Can Connor and his family save her?

Raine is a strong, self-confident and loving person caught up in something not in her control. She does the best she can to show honor and teach the girls in her class that no matter where you come from you can better yourself.   Money and status don’t make you a good person.

Connor comes from a large and loving family where most of his siblings are in law enforcement. Yet they all respect and love each other.  The moral of the story, no matter where you come from you can be what you want to be, honesty and trust doest not come from money or poverty but from who you are.

A great story that touches a lot situations that happen in real life.


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