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The Dark Vampire

The grave threat to the tortured race of vampires is greater than ever in Kate Baxter’s THE DARK VAMPIRE. An unforgettable, intensely emotional, and hot series for fans of J.R. Ward, Nalini Singh, Lara Adrian and Larissa Ione.

Centuries ago, the vampire race was almost destroyed. Now, salvation rests upon one – the last true vampire.

For centuries, Jenner has been plagued by the shadows of his past. Now, a newly-turned vampire, he stalks the night like a wild predator, unable to satisfy his insatiable desires. Until a beautiful vampire sets his soul on fire…

Bria is pure innocence, hidden her whole life from a merciless enemy determined to hunt her down. When things become perilous, safety comes in the form of a fearsome bodyguard – Jenner.

One fateful night, Bria is saved by her vampire protector and a blazing connection is sparked. But surrendering to the powerful call of passion means breaking free from the shackles of their pasts. And with the war against the slayers more savage than ever, they must fight to survive. For the vampire race depends on it.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Although the primary focus of The Dark Vampire is on the relationship that develops between Jenner and Bria, I strongly recommend that you read the series in order so that you will understand the difference between vampires and dhampirs in the world that Baxter has created, as well as the relationships between the various factions – the vampires, the dhampirs, the slayers, and the berserkers. Doing so will also help you to understand why Fate apparently has a twisted sense of humor to pair the insatiable Jenner with the virginal Bria.


Assuming you’ve read the previous books in the series, you’re well aware of exactly how insatiable Jenner has been since his turning. He’s been glutting and rutting his way through L.A.’s female dhampir population for months, with no quenching of his thirsts in sight. While Mikhail and Ronan seem to be losing patience with him, they aren’t aware of the fear that Jenner’s behavior causes him – he’s worried that he’s finally become a monster. When he suddenly finds his soul tethered to a newly turned vampire, Jenner is still worried that the tenuous hold on his control is about to snap because his need has merely changed targets, and it being directed solely at his mate scares him even more. Bria is about as sheltered and naïve as a dhampir can be. Raised by her uncle, who has kept her separated from the outside world in order to hide her from the necromancer who’s been hunting her for centuries, Bria has never fed another, she’s only fed from another’s wrist, and she’s never had sex. Initially resistant to being turned, Bria is just coming to terms with the realization that being a vampire may give her the freedom she didn’t have under her uncle’s care, when she suddenly finds her soul tethered by Jenner, who makes one heck of an entrance. But before they can find a future together, Bria has to get past Jenner’s walls and him feeling that he’s not good enough for her. They have to rid her of the necromancer. And Bria has to prove to herself and to Jenner that she’s capable of taking care of herself, that she’s a strong female vampire, and not a fragile, sheltered, naïve dhampir.


I am so relieved that this was Jenner’s book. Much like Mikhail and Ronan, I’ve worried about Jenner’s sanity and gluttonous behavior since his turning. It was an actual relief when his tethering occurred. Mind you, that relief was short-lived because I hadn’t realized how lacking in self-confidence Jenner was when it came to his control during feeding, and it actually worsened when he was faced with his mate. As for Bria, I really liked her character. She was the perfect match for Jenner, being so completely different from him. I enjoyed watching her come into her sense of self and, even though it put her in danger, standing up for herself. I have to say that I was surprised that Bria’s parkour abilities didn’t come into play during the showdown with the necromancer. That scene seemed to be set up perfectly for Bria to utilize that skill, especially as it was completely athletic and would have been unexpected, but it didn’t play out that way at all – still, I loved how it actually went down, so I’m not really complaining. Bria’s fledgling friendship with Chelle was a great way to catch up with Chelle and learn more about how she’s fared since being turned. I suspect Chelle’s journey is going to be very intriguing and I really hope that she’s the focus of the next book in the series. The Dark Vampire was another great addition to the Last True Vampire series and I’m looking forward to many, many more books.


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