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Naked Tails

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Seth McDaniel wasn’t raised among a shifter passel and has no idea what it’s like to turn furry once a month. An orphan, torn from his father’s family at an early age, he scarcely remembers Great-aunt Irene. Now her passing brings him back to Possum Kingdom, Georgia, to take up a legacy he doesn’t understand and reconnect with a friend he’s never forgotten.

As Irene’s second-in-command, Dustin Livingston has two choices: assume control of the passel or select another replacement. Unfortunately, the other candidates are either heartless or clueless. Dustin’s best hope to dodge the responsibility is to deliver a crash course in leadership to his childhood pal Seth, a man he hasn’t seen in twenty years. However, while Dustin’s mind is set on his task, his heart is set on his old friend.

Seth’s quest for answers yields more questions instead. What’s with the tiny gray hairs littering his aunt’s house? Why do the townsfolk call each other “Jack” and “Jill”? Do Dustin’s attentions come with ulterior motives? And why is Seth suddenly craving crickets?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16A-nony-mouseTAG

I got Naked Tails on one of Dreamspinner’s 99cent weekend deals. And I fell in love with Possum Kingdom.

I always find the shifter books where a human turns into something small are cute and fun. And this book was no different. Welcome to Possum Kingdom where the majority of the residents turn into opossums every full moon.

Our hero, Seth, knows nothing about it. He was born and spent his first few years there, but he was a half breed and his parents told him nothing. However, when they died in a car accident, his maternal grandmother whisked him away to Chicago and refused to tell him a thing about his heritage. He left behind the only home he’d ever known, his aunt, and his best friend.

Fast forward a couple decades and Seth is on the fast road to nowhere, in both his relationships and his fledgling photography business. When he finds out his aunt died, he comes back to Possum Kingdom to put her affairs in order before returning to Chicago. Only… there’s some strange things going on. His attraction to his former best friend is intense, a vicious townswoman keeps putting him down, and an older man is pouring on more charm and flowers than he can handle.

So what’s he to do? Especially when one night he finds an opossum lying dead on his kitchen floor. When he tries to throw it out, it bites him. Suddenly everything changes about the small town he’s in and he learns more than he ever wanted to know.

I loved the story. I didn’t like Monica and I don’t allow people like her to be around me so I just couldn’t stand that the people of PK allowed her to be such a b*tch. But thankfully she wasn’t in it too much. The one thing I wish we’d seen more of was Seth in his opossum self. His opossum personality was fun and I would have loved to see more of him chomping on the crickets and waddling around the yard.

If you love shifter stories of the non-canine/non-feline variety, I think you’re going to love Naked Tails.

5 stars.


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