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Nate and the New Yorker

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Cameron has it all. He’s rich, lives in Manhattan, and even has a cross-dressing butler. But then he meets Nate, an Australian who’s bitter about love. Cameron is determined to turn this realist into a dreamer by sharing his world of classy restaurants, Broadway shows and fabulous parties. And while Nate’s friends see the makings of a fantasy romance, it’s Nate who has to learn that in order to open his heart, he has to face a painful secret.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGListening to Andrea LeeTAG

This quick novella is perfect for a lazy afternoon read.

One rich guy, one average guy. One fast to fall, one wants to but holds on to an ex-lover, from guilt, familiarity, love, who knows.

As these two with the help of an amazingly witty cast of friends work out the issues, we learn the deeper meaning behind a true friendship, courtship and blossoming love relationship.

Nate, lives in Australia but happened to be on an amazing holiday with his two best friends when he meets Cam.

Cam, also on holiday but with his butler.

As Nate and Cam have one night walking around Prague, they learn so much and so little about each other. But the one thing we all get is a connection we don’t want to see end when the plane leaves.

As Cam and Nate get the know each other we are treated to these to and the things that have happened recently that have made them the people they are now.

The one thing I didn’t care for was the quick judgement these two both showed during the courtship. And the way Elliot, after almost two years just giving up? All happened too fast for me.

Luckily with the help of friends they can get over the hurdles and give us a HFN ending that builds up throughout.


April's Showering Words

Nate is your normal working stiff, who gets to take a tour of Europe vacation with his 2 best friends.  He meets a gorgeous American the last night before they fly home to Australia.  They spends a wonderful evening walking around Prague, yet the evening ends when interrupted by the Americans butler.

Cameron an American just trying to get away from his family,  is vacationing in Prague and sees this stunning man who he wants to know. Cam plans to spend at least the night with Nate, but things don’t work out that way.

Weeks later Cam and Nate meet in New York, Cam shows off for Nate but not intentionally.  He doesn’t even understand what he’s doing, but Nate doesn’t want to be bought.  When Nate trys to explain that he wants to get to know the real Cam.

Other then the problems that they have between them, Nate is dealing with his own emotional issue, he is still trying to overcome his feeling of inadequacy from when his last partner left him with no warning.

If it weren’t for there very wacky yet good friends they might never have started talking again.  They are together now but will it work out?

A quick entertaining story that will have you smiling.

4 stars

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