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Standing in the center of a storm, waiting for lightning to strike has always been one of CL’s favorite moments: the anticipation, the buildup for the moment for when the downpour begins.

This time is different. In the midst of a storm, a mysterious woman keeps appearing at her cottage, watching CL before disappearing. At first, the woman seems like lonely imaginings, but as the storm and CL’s interest in her strengthen, CL realizes that’s far too easy an explanation.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

CL has been alone since the death of her parents a few years ago.  She has lived in her forest home all her life.   CL has always been drawn to storms, she will stand in the clearing in front of the house just to feel that she is part of the storm.  She has seen a woman in the shadows of the storms yet when she tries to get close she disappears. This has happened for the last few days during  the mass of storms.

Mel is a woman who is watching over CL and has been for the last 14 yrs,  CL  only remembers her as a dream she had the night her parents died. Mel has been drawn to CL and doesn’t like to see her all alone. What Mel is she doesn’t make clear at first, and exactly just what is going on during these storms that makes it possible for her to be seen.

CL and Mel are like the perfect couple. But Mel only comes during the storms.

This is a unique love story that I throughly enjoyed.

4 stars

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