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Finding Home

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For the hopeless romantic, love can come at the opportune time. After Frank has jettisoned an alcoholic partner from his apartment, he decides to stop in at a village bar, his sad thoughts his only company until Casey Green stomps into the bar shortly after him. Casey’s magnetic blue eyes search the bar until they finally settle on Frank. No matter how much Frank attempts to dismiss him, he cannot help but note Casey’s magnetic blue eyes, his blond hair styled by the sweat of the muggy August evening, and his golden-tanned muscular frame. Frank is immediately taken aback when Casey sits next to him, and makes a provocative introduction. Casey quickly capture Frank’s imagination, and in short order, his heart and mind.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGAngela_s PonderingsTAG

I’m at a bit of a loss here. The subtitle indicates that Finding Home is a love story and the blurb calls Frank a hopeless romantic, but I really didn’t get that feeling from him. Yes, Frank was quick to fall in love and on those occasions that the “love” was more than just a shag or two, he clung to that love desperately. Before he met Casey, there was only one of his relationships that he ended and that one he ended only because a respected colleague explained to him how toxic a relationship with an alcoholic could be. If anything, it seemed to me that Frank seemed to be a bit of a-hole magnet and he kept setting himself up for failure because he’d develop feelings after only a few encounters, assuming that the other man returned those feelings, and was then heartbroken when they didn’t. What this string of heartbreak did do was turn Frank into a rather insecure man, and this was the man that Casey met. And while their meeting was indeed memorable, Frank again seemed to fall too quickly for Casey.


Being as the story is presented from Frank’s point of view, I spent a large part of the book feeling as though I was missing something. Some clue, some fact, or some facet of Frank’s personality that he wasn’t aware of that drew the people in his life to him – especially Casey. I kept waiting for that secret, that a-ha moment when the book would make complete sense. But I never got it. The lightning never struck. The knee never epiphed. [Yes, bad humor for an epiphany.] In fact, when I got toward the end of the book and Frank’s parents come for their visit to meet Casey, I was actually surprised by how nonchalant and uninterested Frank appeared to be about THE event they were to attend. For a man who spent quite a bit of time needing to be reassured by Casey as to the stability of their relationship, I would have expected Frank to be more involved than he was, almost rabidly involved to tell the truth. Yet he wasn’t. And that just added to the oddness of the book for me. That being said, Finding Home had its moments and caused me to laugh aloud more than once. The writing was solid and most of the character voices felt appropriate for their reported educational levels and careers. Unfortunately, it just left me feeling as though something was missing – perhaps the connection between Casey and Frank. It’s not a bad book, it just wasn’t the book for me. My advice, download the sample and check the book out for yourself because it may resonate with you more than it did me.


April's Showering Words

Frank is an insecure teenager in the beginning of this story, who is afraid of making one wrong move.  As he makes friends with the vivacious and rich Denise, he learns about easy sex, and recreational drugs.  His first couple of relationships are not healthy for him just extended hookups really, but that hurts his feeling and his heart.  It also makes him even more insecure.   So he decides to work hard and finish college and get started in his career.

Casey is an enigma, he lives life in his own world most of the time.  A little older than Frank, he is an author, but not published he writes on what ever scrap of paper he can find when he  forgets his notepad.

Anyway one night Frank is down and out walking and stops of for a drink and in walks this gorgon yet strange man who sits down next to him.  Next thing They no months have passed and a true love is growing.  When people from Frank’s past show up, Casey talks to them and encourages them, just to watch their bad behavior.

When the chips are down can Frank overcome his insecurities and believe in Casey’s  love? Can Casey learn to open up and let Frank in?

This book was an ok read, it jumped around in time to explain things, which for me made the flow more difficult to follow.

3 star

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