Assassins Love People Too (Assassins in Love #2) by S.C. Wynne #mm #review @loveunleashed @scwynne1

Assassins Love People Too

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Dillon Carter’s boyfriend, Marc Francis, is a paid assassin. That little fact makes having a normal relationship very complicated. Especially when there are people out there in the big bad spy world who hate Marc so much the last thing they want is him to end up happy.

Obsessive enemies, ex-lovers and poisoned espresso do nothing to make Marc and Dillon’s trip to Italy relaxing. In fact, they’ll be lucky if they survive at all.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

First, I want to say that you must read book one first, this one starts exactly where the last one off.

Now to that point, I love that this picks up exactly where we are left. One of my dislikes for series or continuations is the flashbacks.

Dillon and Marc are still on the run, they’ve split up but are meeting up to try and figure out how to stop all the madness so Marc can retire and they can start a life together.

As Dillon and Marc learn more about each other, so good so not, we also learn that everyone needs a friend but sometimes those friends are more trouble.

I enjoyed this connection, we saw more of these two, sure but we also learned about Marc’s friend and what his plans are once this thorn is taken out.

A good end and a great beginning.




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