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Losing Faith

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Father Cullen Kiley, a gay Episcopal priest on hiatus from the church, decides to take his boat, T-Time, from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Southport, North Carolina, a place that holds an abundance of bittersweet memories for him. While on a run his first day in Southport, Cullen comes upon a man sitting on a park bench staring out over the Cape Fear River with his Bible in hand. The man’s body language reeks of defeat and desperation, and unable to ignore his compassion for his fellow man, Cullen stops to offer a helping hand.

Southport Baptist Church’s Associate Pastor, Abel Weston, has a hard time managing his demons. When they get too overwhelming, he retreats to Southport’s Historic Riverwalk with his Bible in hand and stares out over the water, praying for help and guidance that never seem to come. But Abel soon discovers that help and guidance come in many forms.

An unexpected friendship develops between the two men, and as Cullen helps Abel begin to confront his doubts and fears, he comes face-to-face with his own reality, threatening both their futures.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Liz Cat

Losing Faith by Scotty Cade is an incredibly moving book. It tells the story of Cullen Kiley, a former Episcopalian priest, who lost his faith along with his husband. Cullen reaches out to Southern Baptist Associate Pastor Abel Weston, whose faith is strong, but his religion is making him feel uncomfortable in his own skin.

I found absolutely no faults with this book. It captivated me from the first page all the way to the last word. Cade brings these characters to life in a way that few authors can. Cullen’s struggle between holding onto the memory of his husband and moving on with his life radiated from the pages. The dissonance Abel felt upon the realization that the church which had become his family condemned his sexuality.

The way these two men face demons of faith, family, and love will stay with me for a long time to come. One other note, please don’t let the religious undertones scare you away. The author works them in unobtrusively. Losing Faith is a beautiful testament to the healing power of love. Five stars (only because I can’t give more).


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