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Fangs Like Me

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Lane’s a babyvamp, but he’s not like those rebellious teenager types, acting out against their Makers. Except Lane’s Maker has recently departed for a year-long trip overseas without him, and the separation hurts like nothing else. At a shifter party, a werewolf tries to console him, but their aborted hookup just seems to make things worse.

Parker has recently dumped his mate. Being gay, he’s not cut out for mating, or at least not for making pups. At one of his new roommate’s shifter parties, he meets an adorable vampire, but he manages to screw that up just like everything else.

More run-ins lead to something almost tangible between them. But Lane’s vampire elders aren’t exactly fond of shifters, and Parker’s not that great at opening up. When one party turns bloody, Lane does what he always does—he runs. But Parker’s wolf wants Lane, and Lane has a weakness for Parker’s shifter blood.

Can Parker and Lane tackle their respective pasts and give the thing growing between them a chance? Or will the very real possibilities of heartache, abandonment, and even death, keep them apart?

Content warnings: Graphic violence, descriptions of past trauma, and explicit sexual scenes between two men with werewolf and vampire characteristics.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Lane is feeling abandoned, his maker has left him for a year, but Lane is only 8 months old. As a vampire he is considered a babyvamp, and he is having very real separation anxiety.  He died a very tramatic and painful death, and is still having flashbacks.

Parker is dealing with his own problems,  an Alpha who doesn’t want to mate and make puppies. A gay werewolf, not accepted by his parents or his father the pack Alpha.  Yet he is drawn to Lane, and his wolf really like him.

They meet and exchange sexual pleasure, and Lane feeds off Parker. A bond begins, slight to start.  The den where Lane belongs does not like that he is dating a shifter.  His maker is not happy with him but after a long phone call he is left to continue.  He keeps going to Parkers house and the shifter parties, with his bestfriend Lisa.  Until something goes really bad at one of the parties and a shifter dies. Lane attacks Parker out of fear, and then runs away.

He goes on his own, and hides from everyone. Finally Parker gets through to him and he comes back just in time for a very personal time.   When they decide to move out together, Lane goes back to the den to get his things, and finds out that another of the vampire has been worried about him. As he works things out with Erica things are finally looking up, until his maker calls him and gives him ultimatum.

Will Lane have enough faith in his relationship with Parker to stand up to his maker? Can Parker be all that Lane needs him to be?

A wonderful entertaining read!


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